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Hawk’s Rules At Home Plate: Myths And Misconceptions Part 3

Hawk’s Rules at Home Plate: Myths and Misconceptions Part 3

Featuring Doug “Hawk” Erickson Doug “Hawk” Erickson is a former Little League Umpire Consultant and Rules Expert.  His umpire experience includes working three World Series (Little League World Series – 1995 and 2 Softball World Series), eight Regional Tournaments and, conducting two week long umpire schools annually for Little League Baseball. His training school played a huge role in Adam Hamari’s rise to becoming an MLB Umpire. He…

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I might take some heat for this but then again I might now. The fact that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred questioned Mike Trout's value to baseball because he won't do certain things in terms of marketing that are against he beliefs and principles is really ridiculous. In my opinion this is no different then how the NFL scrutinized Tim Tebow because of his beliefs. The only difference is that baseball would suffer without Trout where as football has done just fine without Tebow. I applaud guys like Trout and Tebow for standing up for their beliefs and not shying away from them. Commissioner Manfred should be embarrassed over his comments. #MLB ... See MoreSee Less

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Manny Machado is officially headed to the Los Angeles Dodgers. #MLB ... See MoreSee Less

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Hollywood's World of Sports

I am still trying to figure out how the Cowboys are #1. They haven't won a championship in over 20 years! #ForbesFour sports across three countries are represented in the Top 10 Forbes Most Valuable. ... See MoreSee Less

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Darrelle Revis has announced his retirement from the NFL. His next stop is the Pro Football Hall of Fame. #NFL ... See MoreSee Less

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Recently, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Tony Stewart have been speaking about how NASCAR should add Eldora Speedway to Monster Energy Cup and XFinity Series schedule. I personally agree with both of them because I believe one of NASCAR's biggest problems is variety of where they race. NASCAR has two road courses a year, and the rest range from .5 mile to 2.5 mile tracks. Some of these tracks see two races a year which is a problem because attendance is down. I think if you brought more variety and went down to one race at certain tracks I think attendance, ratings, and business would go up. I am all in support for racing at Eldora! #NASCAR ... See MoreSee Less

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Alex Bregman should not have been the MVP of the MLB All Star Game. It should have been Jean Segura all the way! #MLB ... See MoreSee Less

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It took 10 innings but the American League defeated National League 8-6 in a game that saw 10 Home Runs hit. This MLB All Star Game was fun to watch! #MLB #AllStarGame ... See MoreSee Less

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Chris Sale and Max Scherzer starting tonight's MLB All Star Game is the best thing you will see in sports this summer. Two of the very best at their game going up against two powerhouse lineups! #MLB ... See MoreSee Less

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