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Results And Recap Of WWE Hell In A Cell 2019

Results and Recap of WWE Hell in a Cell 2019

Tonight was the annual Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, which capped off premier week for WWE. The season premier of Raw and the debut of Smackdown brought a lot of excitement, but going into tonight there was not a lot of build or expectations. The only two matches that had any real build to them were the two Hell in a Cell matches that had…

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Gallus(Mark Coffey and Wolfgang w/Joe Coffey) are the new NXT UK Tag Team Champions. #NXTUK #WWE ... See MoreSee Less

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Michael Jordan continues to add to his legacy and greatness by opening two clinics in Charlotte that will provide healthcare for the uninsured and under-insured. Sometimes the things you do for your community are bigger than the things you do on the basketball court. #NBAMichael Jordan, Charlotte Hornets' owner and NBA legend, celebrates and speaks at the opening of Novant Clinic that he donated millions of dollars to in Char... ... See MoreSee Less

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NFL Week 7 Predictions
Kansas City Chiefs over Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Rams over Atlanta Falcons
Buffalo Bills over Miami Dolphins
Jacksonville Jaguars over Cincinnati Bengals
Minnesota Vikings over Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers over Oakland Raiders
Houston Texans over Indianapolis Colts
New York Giants over Arizona Cardinals
San Francisco 49ers over Washington Redskins
Los Angeles Chargers over Tennessee Titans
New Orleans Saints over Chicago Bears
Seattle Seahawks over Baltimore Ravens
Philadelphia Eagles over Dallas Cowboys
New England Patriots over New York Jets
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I know it's the NBA Preseason but it warms my heart that Vince Carter came off the bench and looked clutch tonight. He's still playing at a very high level going into his final season! #NBA ... See MoreSee Less

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MLB is taking the new details of Tyler Skaggs death very seriously. It's being reported the Los Angeles Angels could face up to a two million dollar fine and those aware of Skaggs drug use could be banned for life. I honestly believe that the maximum penalties needs to be handed out in this situation so it never has the chance to happen again. We're not talking about PED's, we're not talking about betting on the game, and we're not talking about pine-tar. This was someones life and people knew he was putting himself in danger. People need to be held accountable! #MLB ... See MoreSee Less

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Joe Maddon is the new manager of the Los Angeles Angels. He recieved a 3 year contract that could be up to 15 Million Dollars. #MLB ... See MoreSee Less

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The Washington Nationals are headed to the World Series! #MLB ... See MoreSee Less

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The California State Athletic Commission has made a new rule regarding combat fighters cutting weight, The new rule is that if a fighter goes above 15 percent of their contracted weight than their fight will be canceled. This rule was put in place to prevent extreme weight cutting that puts the fighters health at risk. I wouldn't be surprised to see other Athletic Commissions make similar rules down the road. #MMA ... See MoreSee Less

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have traded Jalen Ramsey to the Los Angeles Rams. #NFL ... See MoreSee Less

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I understand that athletes are passionate about political and social issues but at what point do you draw the line? I firmly believe that LeBron James shouldn't have commented on the things going down in China right now. Not everything is about money. The way humans are treated is a lot more important than potential money you're going to make in a country. #NBA ... See MoreSee Less

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Clearly the NFL has a lot of issues when it comes to their referees and officials but what they should do about it? Here are some suggestions:

-Give them higher pay and make it a full time job
-Hold them accountable by handing out fines and suspensions
-Make it a requirement to go through yearly training and assessment
-Poll players and coaches anonymously about how they think the game is being officiated.

What are some of your suggestions?(Serious answers only) #NFL
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