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Sports Trades That Don’t Make Sense(Long Term Value Vs. Short Term Value)

Sports Trades That Don’t Make Sense(Long Term Value vs. Short Term Value)

Every year we always experience four big days in the sports world and those days are the trade deadlines for each sport. I would say that out of the four major sports the NFL is the least busiest and the one that doesn't have much movement. However the other three sports are generally busy on deadline day and you see a lot of movement of…

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Congratulations to Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks on becoming the new Ring of Honor Wrestling 6-Man Tag Team Champions. #ROH ... See MoreSee Less

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Multiple reports are coming out that have said Kawhi Leonard has no interest in play for the Toronto Raptors. If he doesn't play for the Raptors then I feel one of two things need to happen. The first thing is he doesn't get paid and is suspended indefinitely by the NBA. Secondly, I feel like the San Antonio Spurs should return DeMar DeRozan back to Toronto. The second thing would never happen but the league does need to step in and put an end to this nonsense! #NBA ... See MoreSee Less

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Pictures are worth a thousand words....I wonder what Ronda Rousey and Joel Embiid were thinking in this faceoff? Embiid posted this on his Instagram and the captions said Wrestlemania 35. Could the Philadelphia 76ers superstar have a role on WWE's biggest show? That would be an incredible thing to see. #NBA #WWE ... See MoreSee Less

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So let me get this straight. The Atlanta Hawks send Mike Muscala and Dennis Schröder to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Carmelo Anthony, who they plan on releasing so he can pursue free agency for any team he'd like. Then the Thunder traded away Muscala to the Philadelphia 76ers for Timothé Luwawu. Can anyone tell me why this makes any sense? This was a terrible move for the Hawks and is another example of why the NBA is becoming a circus act! #NBA ... See MoreSee Less

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Cain Velasquez has been at WWE Performance Center training this week. The former UFC Heavyweight Champion has not fought in the octagon since UFC 200 when he defeated Travis 'HAPA' Browne. Browne who is married to Ronda Rousey has also been linked to wanting to have a WWE career. Does bringing in stars from MMA hurt or help the company? #MMA #UFC #WWE ... See MoreSee Less

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Over the last few days, Hulk Hogan has been the subject of much discussion since his reinstatement into the WWE Hall of Fame. Hogan had been banned from the company for the last three years due to racially insensitive comments he made. He has apologized and asked for forgiveness multiple times. Superstars like Mark Henry, Titus O'Neil, Kofi Kingston and Booker T have spoken out about him in the past and even more recently. Those who have worked closely to him have said he's not a racist and the comments are not a reflection of who he is and what he believes. I believe in forgiveness and second chances, so those who view him negatively should help him make the most out of his second chance. I believe he is genuine and sincere in his efforts to correct his mistakes. If you need any more proof take a look at his work with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. #HulkHogan #WWELegendary wrestler, actor, and television personality Hulk Hogan recounts his life changing experiences in the Boys and Girls Club. Coming from humble beginn... ... See MoreSee Less

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I might take some heat for this but then again I might now. The fact that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred questioned Mike Trout's value to baseball because he won't do certain things in terms of marketing that are against he beliefs and principles is really ridiculous. In my opinion this is no different then how the NFL scrutinized Tim Tebow because of his beliefs. The only difference is that baseball would suffer without Trout where as football has done just fine without Tebow. I applaud guys like Trout and Tebow for standing up for their beliefs and not shying away from them. Commissioner Manfred should be embarrassed over his comments. #MLB ... See MoreSee Less

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