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DX (one step closer to reuniting), ECW, and TNA

First off Raws Monday was decent. RVD is the man right now and it looks like at ECW’s One Night Stand he will capture the Heavyweight title once and for all. It would be stupid not have him win on his own show. Also it looks like DX might be one step towards coming back. If you don’t know what I am talking about take note of the fact that HHH and HBK had that stare down for a minute and that if HHH didnt ref the match McMahon said their would be hell to pay. Well that hell might be teaming up HBK and HHH to take on opponents of McMahons choosing

I am also excited for Joey Styles getting the hell out of Raw and letting him be himself. I think you’ll see some ECW stuff next week when Edge takes on…not Mick Foley but more then likely Cactus Jack. I think ECW will interfere. Consdering ECW is coming back, they should have guys like Mysterio, RVD, Benoit, Cactus, Super Crazy, Nunzio and anyone else who have wrestled in ECW just strictly wrestle for ECW so other guys in WWE can get recognition and pushes that they deserve.

TNA will be hurting because of this. Sabu is already gone. Whos next? Raven, Rhino, All 3 Dudleys, James Mitchell, and Siamond Diamond. If they all leave thats going to create a lot of empty spaces and storylines will be altered. All of these guys are big players in TNA and if they leave they should just recreate WCW and bring back some of its old guys back fulltime.

Wrestling in my opinion is at its highest peak in a long time, maybe since WCW went out of buisness. You got WWE, WWE’S ECW, TNA, and ROH. I now look foward to watching wrestling again anyday its one. Well I am out. Peace and always expect the unexpected.

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