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ECW, DX, Surgery, Imposters, and more

Well hey wrestlingland how is it going. Well another interesting week in pro wrestling. How about the bad ass Mick Foley turn Monday. Shocked the hell out of me. Looks like Cactus Jack vs. Tommy Dreamer at One Night Stand. Should be fun. That will be one fun night out.

And HHH is at it again with the whole DX thing again. Enough already, stop building the reuniting up. Just reunite them already. I think it will happen this week. Its got to. I dont know why it wouldn’t. Something big is going to happen. I can feel it.

This past Thursday I had reconstructive ear surgery so that was kind of shitty but not as shitty as someone taking a cheap shot at me. Last Saturday at EWF someone had the balls to impersonate me and lose in the process. If you go to the EWF site at and go to the May 6 results, it will say Frank Stein beat Hollywood Joe Williamson. First off I never lose, and secondly if I did it wouldn’t be to a washed up wanna be promoter Frank Stein. There is a lot of spectulation to who was behind it but when I find out, all will break lose. Trust me on that

This Wednesday I will be the guest on DDT Radio. It airs from 6-9pm on It’s going to be a great time. Well I am out. Peace and God Bless. And a word of advice. Don’t start shit unless you can finish it.

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