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Kurt Angle/ECW, Kane, HHH, and more

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I seen it last night….Kurt Angle in ECW. I knew he was going to go there once before then got pissed off and decided not to. I had a feeling RVD was going but Kurt Angle. With RVD and Angle thats going to create some huge voids in the rosters… a few more people are going to get pushes. I thought for sure Heymen would draft Team Extreme himself Matt Hardy because he fits that describtion. WOW! ECW is being taken very seriously and It might be what wrestling needs again. Should be Interesting.

What the hell is up with Kane, This is like 1994, when the fake Undertaker faced off against the real one. Another old storyline rehashed from 12 years ago. What next, two Doinks again, lol. Should be interesting if the real Kane goes back into the mask.

HHH as a face is just bad ass. He’s still doing rotten things but to the bad guys, thats kind of cool. That whole hiding the sledgehammer thing last night was awesome. I am looking foward to the DX reunion, lol

Why do I have the feeling both the Dudleys and The Outlaws are leaving for WWE/ECW. I just have that feeling. TNA is got good matchups right now like Joe vs. Steiner. Think that feud might be one for the ages that is if Steiner still has it. Great things going on in ECW, even if they lose all the ECW guys.

In my opinion wrestling is peaking again. WWE, ECW, TNA, ROH, World-1 are all names to be reckoned with in the future. I hope you all have a good week. Take care.

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