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Anaylizing ECW One Night Stand

Last night was a lot of fun at BW3 once again. ECW was awesome last night. Nothing like some wrestling, some blood and some glory. It was great. It’s nice that I can hang out with my cast of amigos once in a while. It was fun. Buffalo Wings and Mozzarella sticks all night long, I was in heaven. ECW was great.

Analyzing the ECW PPV

Tazz vs. Jerry the King Lawler:
Well it was a 2 minute match with Tazz choking Lawler out with a little distraction from Joey Styles. Good way to start the crowd up.

F.B.I. vs. Super Crazy/Taijiri:
Some good straight up wrestling added with a little luche-libre made for a good tag match. Also like the confrontation between Big Guido and the Big Show. Good stuff, and a grudge in the making

Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton:
Loved how the crowd was getting on Orton and taking in Angle as one of their own now. Ortons little wave at the end of the match was funnier then hell. Good heel heat

Rey Mysterio vs. Sabu:
What do you say it was an extreme finish that looked like both guys were dead. I liked how Mysterio went retro with his old school look from his ECW/WCW days, maybe that’s a sign of him going back to that way or retiring. I hope there is a rematch because it would have been better if it was longer

Cactus Jack/Edge/Lita vs. Terry Funk/Tommy Dreamer/Beulah:
WOW! What a hell of a fight. Flaming barbed wire bats, beds of barbwire, tables, ladders, chairs and more. Bloodshed from Terry Funks body and a hole straight through Cactus’s hand. It was as brutal as I knew it would be and then some. Good way for Terry to go out if its his last match. Didn’t get pinned and went down swinging.

Balls Mahoney vs. Tanaka
Just a crowd silencer before the main event, however a bad ass chair shot from Balls to Tanaka. In the words of Joey Styles. Oh My God!!!!

Good to see Eugene get the crap kicked out of him, bad move bring him to an ECW PPV. Good grief, he is getting old and the Sandman. Well he is still the Sandman, haha. Good way to excite the crowd.

Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena:
The crowd made the match with their chants. When they chanted same old shit, I immediately thought of the WWE in general because WWE is the same old shit but I’ll get back to that some other time. I was really surprised by the finish. Caught me way off for I thought for sure that Cena would win and they would riot, trust me they would have. It was great to see RVD have that moment because he deserves it for all of his work and dedication to wrestling. Good ending and celebration

Other Notes:
Some people are saying that ECW wont survive because of the WWE crowds when they wrestle on Smackdown tapings. I think it will have the opposite effect. See when they see ECW and how extreme they are how much they push the limits they are going to want to see WWE guys do the same. I believe WWE is so predictable where ECW wont be. I believe with in a year Smackdown will be gone. They have lost Angle, and Orton…Their to best straight up wrestlers. I cant wait until Tuesday Nights now. It’s going to be great. Wrestling on 4 nights a week now. Sweet. Well that’s it. Take care and Peace

Hollywood Joe Williamson

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