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ECW One Night Stand Predictions

ECW One Night Stand Predictions

Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena for WWE Title
Winner: Rob Van Dam
I believe Mr. Money in the bank will win the WWE title because if he didn’t it would make the ECW and Rob Van Dam look very week, so the bye bye John

Cactus Jack/Edge vs. Tommy Dreamer/Terry Funk
Winners: Tommy Dreamer/Terry Funk
With this being Funks last match probably, he will go out with a bang. Usually a wrestler loses his last match but considering the circumstances he and Dreamer will win

Rey Mysterio vs. Sabu for World Heavyweight Championship
Winner: Rey Mysterio
No question, this will probably be the match that steals the show because of the craziness and high flying. I look for Sabu to dominate but Rey Rey will overcome the obstacle of Sabu and retain the World Heavyweight Championship. However Rey will never be the same after this

Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton
Winner: Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle will win but I think some WWE guys are going to interfere in this match. I think Randy Orton is going to get put through hell.

Tazz vs. Jerry the King Lawler
Winner: Tazz
If it’s the Tazz I know, then Lawler is in for a long night. I believe Tazz is going to make a huge comeback. If he can do it as well as he did before he might return to the ring full time again.

Masato Tanaka vs. Balls Mahoney
Winner: Masato Tanaka
Tanaka put on one hell of a performance last year with Mike Awesome. Awesome got the better of him so look for Tanaka to inflict some major damage on Balls Mahoney

FBI vs. Super Crazy/Tajiri
Winners: FBI
The Italians will win because they are more united. Crazy and Tajiri have been bitter rivals in the past so look for lack of communication between the two…

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