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See No Evil/Wrestlemania 22 DVD Review

See No Evil/Wrestlemania 22 DVD Review

So I went and saw See No Evil staring WWE star Kane. It was a phenomenal movie. The movie was full of supense and surprises. I thought the movie was well done by Lionsgate and WWE. Kane is scary in the ring but this tops his in ring character. Out of 10, i would rate a 9 being absolutey awesome. It really buts the horror in horrific. If you have a weak stomach, hard time with bad images, or anything of that nature do not go see it. You will freak out. If you are into horror, gore, violence or anything of that nature, I would fully recommend this movie. It is the best horror film in the last 10 years with out a doubt
Freddy and Jason got nothing on Jacob Goodnight

So I bought the Wrestlemania 22 DVD and it was awesome reliving it again. When I go to the bar I usually can’t hear the commentating so it was nice to listen in. The extras were a little lacking but it was alright. I like how in the Hall of Fame is always shown in its entirety because there are some funny stories from Bret, Sherri, and a few others. My favorite part is how you get a lot of wrestling. 11 Matches from Mania and the whole Saturday Nights Main Event. Out of 10, I would rate an 8. A must have for wrestling fans

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