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Hendrick Motorsports, NFL Free Agency, Baseball Season Begins, and more

Yesterday was a good day for Dale Jr. at the race in California. I am a little bit frustrated right now that Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson don’t want to help there teammate. I honestly thought thats why Dale Jr. came to Hendrick Motorsports. Obviously there egos are getting in the way. Jr could have easily won the 500 two weeks ago but Johnson and Gordan weren’t there helping him. If I knew it was going to be like this I would have much rather seen him go to Joe Gibbs and be Stewarts partner because they always work well together.

NFL Free Agency has begun and thank god that the Patroits are breaking up. Now we don’t have to hear about how great of team they have or had. I am a little disappointed in my Carolina Panthers. They let go of Deshauwn Foster, they traded Kris Jenkins however they got Mushin Muhammed back. They need to work on getting a running back and a possibly a new Quarterback if Jake has one more bad year. How about Shaun Rogers. I didn’t see this coming. I mean I saw the trade but not to the Browns. I figure the Dolphins, Raiders or 49ers would take him. He is going to look horrible in a Cleveland Uniform.

Spring Training has started and my expectations for the Tigers are high. Higher then they were a year ago due to all of the talent they have. Should be good. Hank Steinbrenner really cracks me up with his comments about the Red Sox and their not being a Red Sox Nation. Theres more Sox fans then Yankee fans. He’s jealous and resentful that they spend all this money and can’t win a championship. Sounds like some other teams I know in sports.

My good friend Noah Lott has his DVD coming out this week I believe and it looks pretty awesome. I can’t wait to watch it.

I am enjoying watching the Lakers right now. They have one superstar and a good supporting cast. Much like the Bulls were in the 90’s. They are serious contender for the NBA Championship this year. They will have to get past the Spurs, Suns and Maverick. The East in my opinion is between three teams. Cleveland, Boston and Detroit. Detroit has been together the longest and will be in the hunt for title again. Should be a terrific ending to a good NBA season

And lastly on a awesome note. The Rock will be invovled at Wrestlemania 24 by inducting his Father and Grandfather into the Hall of Fame. If I know the fans they will start chanting “one more match,” and will try to get him to comeback. He has had a great acting career so far but if he truly loves wrestling like he says he does he will make a return to the ring. I look foward to watching the Hall of Fame ceromonies as well as Wrestlemania 24.

Until next time. God Bless and keep watching sports.

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