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Thoughts on POG Flashback

On May 4, I was fortunate enough to ride down to Coldwater to see POG Flashback, a reunion of guys from their original roster. It was great to see BAM, Fabuzio, Andrewski, Desmond Dukes and the return of Rastakhan. Even though Jack Thriller, Johnny Dynamo, and CJ Otis were not there the show was still one of the best shows I have seen. The show started out with Desmond Dukes returning to take on Louis Linden. It was a great match to start off the show with Louis getting the victory. The second match saw the return of Mental Insanity who was surprised by The Hype Jimmy Shawlin and got the beatdown of his life. The Hype and his former long time tag-team partner Gameboy Max Morisson will facing each other in a odd but exciting match at POG’s June show Faded Glory 3.

The next match saw “the ladies man” Chip Daley come out and challange any man in the back. Fortunately it wasn’t a man, it was one of coolest people in the world, Sybil Starr. Unfortunately for Chip he got beat by a woman, but considering it’s Sybil there’s no shame. The only tag team match of the night was between Ringside Revue and the former tag team of the Big Andrewski and Fabuzio, the West Coast Playa’s. It was a good match with lots of humor by Creme and Starr as always. The Revue retained their titles.

Finally after all that humor, out came Bryan Skyline for his match. Low and behold a familiar song played in the background. Out came Mick Veasy, who at first I thought was going to wrestle. He then turned around and brought out Noah Lott. These two guys go back a long ways from their days in the Perfection Connection with $Dollar$. This was one of the most competitive matches I have ever seen along with Dukes/Linden and Bam/Able who also wrestled one the show. This match won the fans over and these two guys have found mutual respect for each other. Like the fans said, “This match was awesome.”

Next was the Battle Royal with the surprise return of the Angry Jamician, Rastakhan. It was a fun match and yes the big Rastamania won the match, and made his impact felt once again. Now it was time for the Main Event, the former MWA/POG Grand Champion Bam took on current POG Heavyweight Champion Christian Able. This match was indeed great. Bam hasn’t wrestled in two years. He walked in, never thinking he was gone. Able punished him but Bam kept coming back. Eventually Christian Able proved to be too much for Bam, and retained his title. However after the match he took a cheapshot at BAM and called out CJ Otis who will return to the ring next show Double Impact.

It was great being there. I enjoyed talking to BAM, Andrewski, Rastakhan, and Fabuzio. It was also great talking to some of the new POG guys like Keith Creme and The Hype Jimmy Shalwin. All of these guys are just wonderful to talk to. Oh and I can’t forget the lovely lady Sybil Starr. I had a really nice conversation with her as well. I cannot wait until Double Impact on May 25th. It’s going to be great. For more info go to Hope to see you there.

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