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NFL Week 10 Recap, Survivor Series, and more

So let me first start off saying that even with a great Quarterback Detroit can’t even win. I mean I know they suck but stop giving games away. Like Mike Singletary said to his 49er’s “We are not a charity!” Now as far as the Panther go, I am glad they got the win but Delehomme’s four interceptions was ridiculious. How they managed to beat Oakland is beyond me. Then again it’s Oakland, the most dysfunctional team in all the NFL. This week The Panthers take on the Lions. I am happy. Carolina is my favorite team while Detroit is my favorite team to pick on. Hopefully I’ll have more to laugh about next week. How about those Tennesee Titans. Kerry Collins looked great this week and I wouldn’t be surprised if they go 16-0 at this point. Lets see what Week 11 brings us.

Survivor Series next Sunday and only two matches have been announced. The first is World Champion Chris Jericho defending against the returning John Cena. Cena hasn’t held the title in over a year which has been great for TV, because no one wants to see him as champ. Unfortunately the powers to be will put the title back on in his hometown at Survivor Series. The other match is Team Michaels vs. Team JBL in a traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series match. Hopefully their are more great matches to come.

TNA’s Turning Point was Sunday and I laughed my butt off when Scott Hall was shown drunk in the crowd with ICP. The Idiotic Crappy Posse. I can’t stand those guys. How they ever got national exposure in wrestling is completly sickening.

Don’t forget UFC 91 is this Saturday. Randy Couture defends his UFC Heavyweight Title against Brock Lesnar. I am obviously going to cheer on Lesnar. He’s a former WWE Champion. And for those of you who said he couldn’t handle the “real” fight atmosphere guess again, because this Saturday he will make history. He will be the first man to win the WWE Heavyweight Title and the UFC Heavyweight Title. However he won’t be the first to hold a MMA title and wrestling title. Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn have already accomplished that.

Well until next time, have a good one and be safe. The weather is slowly but surely starting to suck. God Bless

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