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Mark Buehrle throws a perfect game

Well finally have something to write about again. It’s been a week but thanks Mark Buehrle I have something to write about. He threw a no hitter yesterday against a very dangerous Tampa Bay Rays lineup. As you may remember He through a no hitter in April of 2007 against Texas. However in that game he walked one batter who happened to be Sammy Sosa. This game had no walks, no hits, no errors…Nothing. Mark Buehrle put himself in a class of pitchers thats few, far and between. He threw 116 pitches, 76 were strikes and had six strikeouts. What was most impressive is the catch made by Wise in Center field in the 9th inning saving the perfect game for Buehrle.

Buehrle is done it all in his career. He’s had a perfect game, no hitter, hit a home run, pitched in the All Star Game and won a World Series. He could very well be on his way to the Hall of Fame someday. The crazy thing about it, is he is only 30 years old and still has quite a few years left to pitch. Right now Buehrle and the White Sox look like the team to beat in the AL Central. With that being said congratulations to Mark Buehrle on throwing a perfect game and putting yourself in baseball history.

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