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Detroit Lions Quarterback Mess

Like the old saying goes, “Things get worst before they ever get better.” That happens to be the case with with the Detroit Lions. Yesterday Lions had to sign Quarterbacks Kevin O’Connell, and Brooks Bollinger because both Drew Stanton and Daunte Culpepper are both injured. Stanton blew out his knee and is probably done for good which disappoints me because he was really doing good in all of the preseason games. Culpepper was supposedly competing for the starting job against Matthew Stafford. However Culpepper has stitches in his foot that have not been taken out yet. So what does this all mean? It means the Lions are having problems as always and that Matthew Stafford will probably be the starter for week one.

If this is any indication of how the Lions season will go, they will probably be 0-16 once again. Look at their schedule this year.

1 Sun, Sep 13 @ New Orleans
2 Sun, Sep 20 Minnesota
3 Sun, Sep 27 Washington
4 Sun, Oct 4 @ Chicago
5 Sun, Oct 11 Pittsburgh
6 Sun, Oct 18 @ Green Bay
8 Sun, Nov 1 St. Louis
9 Sun, Nov 8 @ Seattle
10 Sun, Nov 15 @ Minnesota
11 Sun, Nov 22 Cleveland
12 Thu, Nov 26 Green Bay
13 Sun, Dec 6 @ Cincinnati
14 Sun, Dec 13 @ Baltimore
15 Sun, Dec 20 Arizona
16 Sun, Dec 27 @ San Francisco
17 Sun, Jan 3 Chicago

Okay so they might have a chance to win four games at best but I doubt it. They got handed a tough schedule and it doesn’t look like this season will be any better then the last. Every team in their division had a good draft and made moves to get better. However the Lions made some bad draft choices and didn’t do much to get better. Here is how it always goes. The offense can’t do anything so the defense is on the field 75 percent of the time. The defense gets so tired by the end of the fourth quarter they give up a ton of points making it impossible to make a comeback. I am so glad I am not a Lions fan because if I were I still wouldn’t watch. Oh what oh what are the Lions going to do. If you ask me they are completely screwed.

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  1. From what I can see, the Lions could pretty easily get 3-4 wins this season. I say that with Matt Stafford even at QB.

    Thing is, they were very (very) close to having 2-3 wins last year with an awful offensive line, no one to throw to besides Calvin Johnson, a HISTORICALLY bad defense, and a revolving door of terrible QBs (I think Daunte will be better this season though, since he's in much better shape and is back to game speed).

    The offensive line is still a concern, but that's about the only thing that isn't improved from last year's team. Consistency from QB, a full season of Kevin Smith, Dennis Northcutt and Bryant Johnson, Aaron Brown and Derrick Williams, and a COMPLETELY revamped defense will make the Lions a completely different (and much improved) team this season.

    Teams they could beat this year:
    St Louis (the Rams are a worse team, seriously)
    Cleveland (also a completely terrible team)
    San Franciso

    And that is assuming they don't pull out some "wtf" kind of wins against GB, Minnesota, or any other superior teams. It's the NFL, Joey. Any given Sunday, and all that.

  2. Okay so I might have been exaggerating just a little bit but the Lions are the Lions because of how bad they are. They always find a way to lose. I hope you're right about this year being different for the Lions. Although I am not a Lions fan, I do feel bad for those who are.

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