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College Football Provides More Excitement

Yesterday there were some great College Football games on. There were some great games on yesterday and a few of them were nail biters. Michigan and Michigan had a thrilling game that went into overtime. The Spartans one in their stadium. Michigan played a good game but it wasn’t good enough. The other game that got my attention was Miami knocking off the Oklahoma Sooners 21-20. They should have put in Sam Bradford but then again would it have made a difference? Probably not. There wasn’t really any upsets this weekend at. Auburn and Tennessee had a really good game that saw Auburn winning 26-22. The Notre Dame-Washington, and LSU-Georgia games were fun to watch as well. I really love watching the SEC teams. They have always have great games against each other and that conference is stacked with good teams.

The Florida Gators had the weekend off but play LSU next week. It will be very interesting to see if Tim Tebow can comeback. I doubt it. He suffered a really bad concussion and he is still have symptoms of it. One has to wonder how good Florida is without Tebow. It will be very interesting to see the Heisman balloting goes this year. Bradford is out, and so is Tebow. The only guy that might have a chance of getting it is Colt McCoy. Stay tuned to see if Tebow and Bradford comeback and make a run at the Heisman Trophy. It will be interesting to see what happens.

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