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William Regal Retires

Earlier this week in his home country of England, William Regal announced he was retiring once the tour in Europe was over. William Regal made his wrestling debut in August 1983 at the age of 15 years. I will always remember him as Lord Steven Regal in the days of WCW. He was a natural blue blood. In his days of WCW he teamed up with Bobby Eaton, and Dave Taylor. He was also the mentor of Jean-Paul Levesque, the man who eventually became Triple H.

I remember when came to WWE in 98 for a brief period time as the “Real Man’s Man.” He had some matches with some all time greats. Unfortunately due to a drug problem he had he was let go three months after being signed. He returned to WCW for a year and feuded with “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, and the Filthy Animals. In 2000 he returned to WWE where he became commissioner. In WWE he became 4 time World Tag Team Champion, 3 time WWE Hardcore Champion, 2 time Intercontinental Champion, 4 time European Champion, and 2008 King of the Ring. He also been instrumental in the training of Bryan Danielson, Brian Kendrick CM Punk, Chris Hero, and Samoa Joe. All of these men have been very successful in their careers so far.

I think William Regal will go down as one of the greatest European wrestlers of all time. He was consistently on TV for eighteen years and had solid matches every time he was out there. He was also apart of some great storylines and memorable moments in WWE.

With that being said, I would congratulate William Regal on a wonderful wrestling career and hope he is successful in whatever he does next. Thanks for all those years of the Power of the Punch. It definitely came in handy when things got rough. William Regal, you’re impact on pro wrestling will never be forgotten.

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