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Review, Recap, Results of WWE TLC 2015

Tonight was the annual Tables, Ladders and Chairs show that caps off the year for WWE in terms of pay-per-views. I honestly have very low expectations for WWE shows right because of the lack of talent and the horrible creative that is going on in WWE. With that being said here are the results of WWE TLC:

-Preshow Match: Sasha Banks defeated Becky Lynch
-Triple Threat Ladder Match:The New Day defeated The Uso’s and Lucha Dragons to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships
-Rusev defeated Ryback
-Chairs Match: Alberto Del Rio defeated Jack Swagger to retain the WWE United States Championship
-Tables: The Wyatt Family defeated The Dudley Boys/Tommy Dreamer/Rhyno
-Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens to become the new Intercontinental
-Charlotte defeated Paige to retain the WWE Divas Championship
-TLC: Sheamus defeated Roman Reigns to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

I can’t believe what I saw out of Kalisto in the opening match. He brought me back to the days of Edge/Christian, The Dudley’s and Hardy’s when they were setting the bar in TLC matches. All three tag teams had awesome performances but Sin Cara and Kalisto stood out to me. I thought Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio had a great match. I was really happy to see Dean Ambrose finally get rewarded. He’s been stable in a time of major instability in the WWE. How funny does that phrase sound when talking about Dean? Hope to see more of Ambrose and Owens in the future.

I hate matches with horrible buildup or a horrible story. I am not a fan of the Ryback and Rusev saga because it’s all centered around Lana. I am sorry but the Lana trend has officially over. She screwed all that up when her and Rusev’s engagement went public. Speak of women going on a downward spiral I think Charlotte is in that same category. I am sorry but she has no originality about her at this point. It absolutely pisses me off that she can play off her fathers legacy but someone like Curtis Axel can’t play off his fathers legacy. If the plan is for us to hate Charlotte it’s working because I went from really loving her in NXT to absolutely having nothing but disdain for her. I love how she can piggyback of Ric’s legacy but people like Curtis Axel are not on TV. I hope Charlotte finds some originality otherwise her career will tank faster then the XFL

The Main Event between Sheamus and Roman Reigns came off better then expected. It was very predictable but they beat the crap out of each other. I absolutely love the fact that Roman Reigns went nuts after the match. All I got to say is it’s about time they did something crazy at the end of pay per view. All in all I would give the show 6.5 out 10 for effort because they do take a lot of abuse when it’s TLC. Now that 2015 has come to an end in terms of pay per views we look ahead to 2016 and the best pay per view of them all. It’s time to Rumble. It’s time for the Royal Rumble!

PS…When I look back on this pay-per-view this is what I will remember:

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