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Creed 2 Brings The Rocky Story Full Circle

Since 1976, Rocky Balboa has captured the attention and hearts of the world. The first five Rocky movies were made in a span of fourteen years and all of them told a different story. Thirty years after the first Rocky movie was released, Rocky Balboa(commonly known as Rocky 6) came out for Rocky to have one more fight and have one more time in spotlight. When the last Rocky movie came out in 2006 I thought that was it. The ending to Rocky 6 made up for what some call a lackluster Rocky 5. Nine years later, the first Creed movie came out and much to a lot of people’s surprise it carried on the Rocky legacy in a tasteful and respectful way. They introduced a new character in Adonis Creed, who was the son of Apollo Creed. The first Creed movie had the same format as the first Rocky movie but with a new generation of characters. As I grew up watching the Rocky movies I never hated any of the villains as much as I did Ivan Drago. I hated that he killed Apollo Creed and left Rocky with a lot health issues after their fight. Between all six Rocky movies and the first Creed movie, almost every issue had been resolved in Rocky’s life. He had learned to live without Adrian and Paulie. He also let his son go off and be his own man with his own family. They were estranged but from my observations it seemed Rocky thought it was better that way. The only issue left was dealing with Apollo Creed’s death.

The second Creed movie did a great job of addressing the guilt and sorrow Rocky still carries over how Apollo died. You can tell that has a huge impact on the relationship between Rocky and Adnonis. Creed 2 took a lot of elements from each Rocky movie and made them into their own special story. There were elements of Rocky 2, 3, and 5 all in this movie, but I will leave it to you to see if you can put them all together. They tied the legacy of Rocky, Apollo Creed, Duke Evers and the Drago family all together in the film. The movie starts off with the re-introduction of Ivan Drago and the introduction of his son Viktor trying to make a name for themselves in Ukraine. In the states, Adonis Creed has a rise to fame winning the same title his father did and starting a family of his own. Winning the title, rising to fame and starting a family of his own took a page out of Rocky 2 and 3. In Rocky 3, Balboa has to face an opponent that got the best of him, and the same happens with Adonis in this movie. Adonis faces the same issues that Rocky once faced between family, fighting and what they were fighting for.

Creed 2 told a great story of living off a legacy versus building a legacy of your own. I personally feel like this should be the last movie with the character of Rocky Balboa. The way the movie ended with Adonis making peace with his father at the cemetery and Rocky reuniting with his son I feel everything came full circle. If this is indeed the last Rocky movie than I say well done by everyone involved.  They took a legacy that started over forty years ago and still managed to uphold it’s image and reputation. Stallone and company should be proud of the work they did on this film. It had drama, a love story and even some comedy that makes the Rocky movies as great as they are. I appreciate the fact that Rocky 6 and the Creed movies used a lot of modern day aspects like ESPN, HBO, and even right down to the WBC Heavyweight Championship. It gave the movies a more realistic feel to it, which the previous five didn’t have due to when they were made.

If you are a fan of the Rocky franchise, this is a movie you must see, because it completes the legacy that started many years ago. Creed 2 brings the Rocky story full circle by using aspects of previous Rocky movies and inserting them to the new generation of Creed movies. The Rocky movies will always have a special place in my heart because it’s about overcoming the odds and fighting for the right thing. In my own personal life, I can relate to those things, which is why these movies mean so much to me. Creed 2 was a knockout and it will be remembered for a long time to come. I give Creed an 8.5 out of 10 for great storytelling, presentation and keeping my interest throughout the entire movie. Stallone added to his legacy and he ensured the legacies of Balboa and Creed will live forever.

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