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Inside the Mind of Nolan Edwards

In the Summer of 2018, a new wrestler emerged on the Michigan Independent Scene. Each week, I kept hearing more and more about this talented individual and it got to the point I had to see him for myself. This past Fall, I had the opportunity to meet the young upstart known as Nolan Edwards. I watched in the ring at Horror Slam and at two Pure Pro Wrestling shows and I knew right away I wanted to follow his career closely. Each week I would watch his matches and see him grow every time he stepped in the ring. I reached out to Nolan to get his thoughts on his goals, dream matches and his love for professional wrestling. Here is a look into the mind of Nolan Edwards.

What are your first memories of professional wrestling?
My first memories of wrestling are hazy. I remember my aunt turning on TV and seeing stone cold Steve Austin. But then the channel got changed, I remember later on (not to sure how much long later) behind around it because of my family. I’m no second generation superstar by any means. But wrestling was always on in the house. Then it faded and when I got into it and really started watching every week, going to shows, playing the games and buying the figures that I was the only one in the house that was still into wrestling. I remember being obsessed with Edge, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, The Undertaker and Tajiri of all people

Who influenced you to get into the pro wrestling business?
Several things influenced me to want to do pro wrestling. But there was only one ‘Who’ that got me motivated to do it. I had no true father figure growing up. My older brother and father are polar opposites. They partake in things I refuse too and is a huge reason as to why I am Straight Edge. I always said I wasn’t going to smoke or do drugs, but then I found out there was a name for it when CM Punk was doing the straight edge bit in WWE’s ECW. I found role models in wrestlers on T.V. instead of who was in the house. Since my role models were wrestlers, I wanted to be one. The who in the question though, that’s the real personal part. In Middle School I fell in love for the first time. We dated but it didn’t work out. We remained very close friends though. Our first year of High School she was diagnosed with CRPS. CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), which sometimes made it hard or damn near impossible to walk, although some days she could be doing cartwheels in the backyard while we were together. Her CRPS turned into a stage of cancer. Two weeks after our first homecoming she committed suicide. I lost what I believe was the love of my life, and someone who was my best friend. I promised her back when we were dating that I’d have an action figure of myself one day, be on T.V. and wrestling for WWE. I also went through a suicidal stint. I had multiple suicide attempts, hospital stays and more. I always said I’d never make it do the age of 20. When I turned 20 and was still alive I vowed to make that promise I made to her and my late grandfather. I wont stop until I make that promise. I started training 2 months after my 20th birthday and I will be 21 in early April.

Who trained you and what was the experience like?
I was trained by Ace Evans, Aaron Orion, Nick Xero and Dylan Night at the Pure Pro Wrestling Training Center in Flint, MI. Training was hard but fun. I went to the center not to train at first. But to work behind the scenes and stay far away from the ring, Ace Evans then said to get in the ring and that’s when it all started. I learned from Michigan’s greatest. High flying from Nick Xero, chain and moves from Ace Evans, psychology and character from Aaron Orion. I also learned psychology, demeanor, promos and how to put a match together by Dylan Night. Since starting my training I’ve only ever wrestled one of my trainers and that was in my debut match against Nick Xero, and  I currently tag with him at PPW shows at the Flint Iceland Arenas.

What are some of your favorite matches that you have had so far?
I’ve had quite a few matches for only wrestling six months. I’ve had a good series of matches against some great guys. I really like the series of matches I had against El Ridiculoso at XICW. I feel like I learned a ton by being in the ring with him the three times I have been. I also really enjoyed the chemistry between MM3 and I. I’ve wrestled him in a singles, tag and triple threat before. He really brought out a challenge and made me work harder. A lot of wrestlers in Michigan might be afraid to stand across the ring from the D.B.A., but I looked forward to my match with him as I tagged against him and MM3. I knew I was doing something right when the most dangerous man in Michigan shook my hand before the match even started.

Who would would you like to face on the Michigan Indy Scene that you haven’t yet?
In the Michigan Indy scene, I would like to wrestle all of my trainers. I am hoping that happens in 2019. Besides my trainers, I would like to wrestle a lot of guys. Its hard to just name a few, but I honestly just want to wrestle everybody. Big guys, small guys, guys with names and guys not everybody even knows yet. That’s the thing about wrestling. Nolan Edwards is Nolan Edwards sure, but what a lot of people don’t realize about me is they have to look past the crazy, schizophrenic, psycho mess that I am and see that I just enjoy wrestling. So if anybody reading this likes what they just read, and I don’t even mean just Michigan promoters and talent. I mean everyone. Then reach out, and put me against your best guys, your newest guys, your somebodies and you nobodies. I say that because I am all about the competition.

Who would be some of your dream matches in places like New Japan, Ring of Honor or WWE?
Dream matches mean a lot to me. But unfortunately time is the worst enemy. i would want to go back in time and wrestle some guys that aren’t wrestling currently.
In WWE: Dean Ambrose, Pete Dunne, Tommaso Ciampa, Sami Zayn, Samoa Joe, Noam Dar and Mike Kanellis.
In ROH: Vinny Marseglia, Chris Sabin, Marty Scurll, Baretta and Chuckie T.
In NJPW: Kushida, Taiji Ishimori, Bushi, ACH and Dragon Lee.
If I had it my way I would like to wrestle CM Punk, Chris Hero, Bryan Danielson while they were in ROH. Edge and Tajiri while they were in WWE. The Great Sasuke and The Great Muta while they were in NJPW.

If someone was to see you for the first time how would you describe your character?
To the people that see me for the first time I would tell them that Nolan Edwards is not a troubled youth despite some people saying so. Nolan Edwards is crazy yes, but he respects you. Everybody I wrestle I respect, but they will lose that respect quickly if they don’t hit me harder back. Nolan prides himself on competition. He has a voice in his head named Cora and she tells him everything he must do to win. Cheating no, it isn’t cheating if its something you were trusted with. Hard hitting, fast paced, breath taking, different and unique. That is what Nolan Edwards is. And oh yeah, for some people who want to say Nolan Edwards is a character I would like you to say that they are wrong. At the end of the day, Nolan Edwards is Nolan Edwards.

Who is Cora and what does she mean to you?
Who is Cora? Cora is sweet, beautiful, angelic, gorgeous, blissful, soft, scary, intelligent, devastating, in command, all seeing, truthful, strategic, cunning and everything in between. Confused? So was I. Cora is the love of my life. Since her passing, I went on a spiral. I fell off and lost track of Nolan. I wanted to hear her voice one day so bad and poof… She was back. I saw her and I could hear her. She was home because her home is with me. We set out together to take the wrestling world by storm, and she’s got the plan while I am the chess piece. However, I am no pawn. I’m her king. Cora means everything to me.

Name Association, I am going to give you a name of a competitor or faction and want you to describe them in a couple of sentences
Tommy Vendetta: V for Vendetta. I saw that movie a few times. It’s a shame that Guy Fawkes wanted to become a wrestler though cause at the end of the movie everybody sees his weakness
Xavier Justice: Red. I think of red when I hear the name Xavier Justice. Is it because of the hair? Yes it is because of the hair. Besides that he is a foe and I see hard work when I see that name. Hard work that is recognized by many.
The Nomads: My old one night partners. I made my Debut at Horror Slam with the Nomads. Ace and CJ, I think of Ace and CJ right away for all the time they’ve spent together in and out of the ring.
The Purge: I don’t see much because they like to hide behind masks, but when they take them off they always should expect me to be standing across from them ready. That was an okay movie too.
Nick Xero: When I think of Nick Xero, I think of someone who tends to not know what side they are on. We have teamed and faced off against each other, but despite that Nick Xero is a name everybody should know.

What are your future goals in the professional wrestling world?
Future goals in the wrestling world. My future goals can always relate back to the promise I made. I will not break that promise,even if it takes me a life time because I owe her that.

Any final thoughts?
 A lot of people found out more about who I am by reading this. I encourage you, whenever you see a Nolan Edwards match just know that behind the paint, behind the crazy and behind all of it there is just a kid given a 5th shot at life. I am  someone who his living their dream. I am not only doing it for myself, but for the people he loves. Thank you for supporting me with boo’s or cheer’s, because without people watching and coming to shows there would be nobody to share my dream with.

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