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The Hart Foundation to be Inducted into the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame

When you look back on great tag teams of the 80’s and 90’s you can name a lot of different teams, but one of the teams that stands among most of them is the Hart Foundation. In 1985, the Hart Foundation formed with their manager “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart by their side. Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart start off as villains in the WWF as it was known back then. In their initial run, they feuded with the Killer Bees, The British Bulldogs and Strike Force. Their first tag team title run lasted 294 days and it will be nearly three years before they would regain the WWE Tag Team Championships. When they finally tuned into the good guys that we remember them for they wrestled everyone including teams like The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, Power and Glory, Rhythm N Blue, The Rockers, The Brainbusters, Demolition, Legion of Doom, and the Nasty Boys. Their second title reign at end 209 days and after that The Anvil and The Hitman went their separate ways, but it would not be the last time you saw them together in the ring.

In 1994, Jim Neidhart joined forces with Owen Hart during Owen’s feud with Bret. The Hart Foundation had an inner family feud throughout 1994 with The Anvil teaming with Owen and the British Bulldog teaming Bret. Even though they were on opposite sides of the ring at this point, they were still having great matches within the family, which further cemented their legacy. Bret and Jim would once again be on the same side one last time when they expanded version of the Hart Foundation formed. It consisted of Bret, Jim, Owen, Bulldog and Brian Pillman. Many fans want this version of The Hart Foundation inducted because many feel that Owen, Bulldog and Pillman deserve to be in the Hall of Fame as well. I would agree with those who say that all five members of the 1997 Hart Foundation deserve to be honored, but this is a start. The Hart Foundation has had many versions and reincarnations, but the original team of Bret and Jim created a legacy that will last forever. We have seen this likes of Natalya, Tyson Kidd, Davey Boy Smith Jr., Brian Pillman Jr. and Teddy Hart take the Hart Foundation name and have ran with it. They have carried on the legacy, but now the legacy grows even bigger with the induction of Bret “the Hitman” Hart and Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart into the WWE Hall of Fame. Congratulations to the two time WWE Tag Team Champions Hart Foundation on their induction into the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame.

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