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TEAM S.M.A.R.T., ECW, DX storyline, DDT Radio, and More

First off I would like to congratulate Team S.M.A.R.T. members Noah Lott, Jack Thriller, Johnny Dynamo, and Rastakhan on a very succesful weekend for World-1 Wrestling. Thriller/Dynamo won the W-1 Great Lakes Tag Titles and Noah Lott made it all the way to the finals of the W-1 Great Lakes Openweight Championshio before losing to Classic Colt Cabana in a three way dance which also involved N8 Mattson. You can Check out their fanpage at Again congrats to all 4 men

It was great to see ECW get more time on Raw last night, and I love the prostitute speech from Paul Heymen. Great stuff. One Night Stand will be great…Shit maybe I’ll have a One Night Stand at BW3 finally, lol. Just kidding on that

You know I love the fact the DX is coming back but the storyline keeps dragging on. Its boring. Just reunite them and have them dominate for crying out loud. I for one am looking foward to it. I got to words for ya….Nevermind

Last week I was on DDT Radio and it went great. I talked about my goals in the wrestling buisness. Who I liked and disliked and so forth. It was fun. Referee Rob, thanks for giving me some air-time. Always apprieciated.

Well not much else is going on. Enjoy the week and see ya next week.

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