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Anaylizing the New ECW

Anaylizing the new ECW

I just got done watching the WWE vs. ECW and it was full of surprises. The huge and I mean huge addition of the Big Show now puts ECW on the map. Now here is the card for One Night Stand:

Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena for WWE Title
Cactus Jack/Edge vs. Tommy Dreamer/Terry Funk
Rey Mysterio vs. Sabu for World Heavyweight Championship
Kurt Angles vs. Randy Orton
Tazz vs. Jerry the King Lawler
Masato Tanaka vs. Balls Mahoney
FBI vs. Super Crazy/Tajiri

Now as you noticed I put Cactus Jack and not Mick Foley because I believe Cactus will turn face again after the match and be Cactus Jack in the process. It will be career nights for Sabu and RVD but both will come up short. I think here’s what they need to do. Have a match between Kurt Angle, RVD, Sabu and the Big Show to determine the new ECW World Heavyweight Championship. I would like to see Justin Credible and Matt Hardy (if the rumors are true and he jumps) feud over the ECW TV title if it comes back. Tag Teams that I see forming are Super Crazy/Psicosis, Balls/Axl, FBI, Dreamer/Sandman, etc
A lot of names to talk about but here are few additions to it, Gangrel is coming, Jazz is back (it would lead me to believe Rodney might comeback) and I heard they are some other WWE on their way to ECW as well like Charlie Haas, Rob Conway, Jimmy Yang (Akio), and Shannon Moore. Could be interesting

Not only will it shake up WWE and its rosters but I truly believe it will hurt TNA so bad its not even funny. I believe Raven, Rhino, all three Dudleys, Jerry Lynn, James Mitchell (Sinister Minister), Simon Diamond, and Konnan will come back if they see this thing is going to be a success.

Here’s what else I would like to see. I would like to see an ECW match at every ppv plus another one added to schedule which would make it 2 ECW PPV’s a year. I also believe that the Royal Rumble format needs to change. 10 guys from Raw, Smackdown and ECW. If not than an ECW Battle Royal of its on at the same event. I also believe that ECW will probably add a light weight title and call it the Luche-Libre title which would be cool.

Whatever happened the wrestling world will never be the same. I will be there to witness start of ECW again at Buffalo Wild Wings on 28th st. Come join me if you wish, because if you think wrestling is “all fake” then come watch Extreme Championship Wrestlings One Night Stand with me Sunday.

Taking it to the Extreme
“Hollywood” Joe Williamson

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