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What a Monday Night!!!

Last night was an awesome night if you are a baseball fan or more importantly a Texas Rangers fan. The Home Run Derby was at Yankee Stadium last night and one man defied the odds, and put on one of the greatest shows ever. Josh Hamilton hit 28 home runs in the 1st round of the Home Run Derby last night, which is now a record for the 1st round. This mans story is incredible. He is a recovering alcoholic and heroin addict. He missed three years of baseball due to his drug problems. He came back with the Cincinatti Reds last year and now is playing for the Texas Rangers. Even the ruthless New Yorkers were cheering this guy and believe me thats hard to do, because Yankee fans are hard to please. I can’t even go on about this anymore because words really can’t describe it. I mean you had to watch to experience the feeling of it. To me, missing Monday Night Raw was well worth it last night. Be back more this week with the recap of the All Star Game and the Brett Farve saga. Have a good one.

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