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White Sox throwing in the white flag, while the Dodgers gain

It would appear that the White Sox don’t believe they can win the AL Central any longer because they traded two of their best players away last night. Jim Thome is now with the L.A. Dodgers and Jose Contreras to the Rockies. The White Sox are six games back of the Detroit Tigers in the AL Central with only four weeks left to play. However those were not the only last minute deals yesterday. The Dodgers also acquired Jon Garland from Arizona and Ronnie Belliard Washington. The Giants signed Brad Penny to a minor league deal in hopes of him coming back. It would appear that the Dodgers have the advantage now going into the final month of the season and into the playoffs. They now have tons of depth and pitching on their roster. I will be very surprised if the Dodgers do not make it to the World Series and win it all. They have the team to beat right now.

As far as the American League goes, it’s a mess as always. Minnesota still has a chance, Boston and Texas are still in it. The Angels did acquire Scott Kazmir last weekend increasing the strength of their rotation but at the end of it all I think the New York Yankees will be in the World Series. Sabathia, and Burnett are starting to prove why they were brought to New York to begin with. The Tigers are to inconsistent and won’t make it past the first round if they make it to the playoffs. If the Wild card is Texas, they will be knocked out quick as well. The only teams that can compete with the Yankees are the Angels and Red Sox. So if you ask me the World Series will be the L.A. Dodgers against the New York Yankees with the Dodgers winning in six games. If I am wrong I will make sure to let all of you know but thats my final prediction for the year on baseball. This last month is going to be intense and will be fun to watch so keep your eyes open and see who makes the playoffs.

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