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UFC 104 Ruined by Judges Decision

I waited to write about this until I watched the fight a couple of times and read what others had to say about it. The fight between Lyoto Machida vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua was absolutely awesome and it went all five rounds. I felt though Rua was the aggressor in the fight and showed more dominance in parts of the fight. In the last round neither of them did much because their respective corners told them they were winning on points. Machida won the fight by unanimous decision 48-47 which was absolutely the wrong call. I don’t know what fight the judges were watching because Rua definitely won the fight. Even Dana White stated that he thought Shogun won the fight. In my opinion there needs to be a rematch and I also feel that title is now disputed because of the outcome of the fight. Machida better thank those judges like there is no tomorrow. What an absolute horrible result of a good fight.

The other match that really upset me was Cain Velasquez taking on Ben Rothwell. The match was getting exciting and the referee Steve Mazzagatti stopped it way to early again when Rothwell was struggling on the ground. Steve Mazzagatti needs to be fired immediately. He has ruined so many matches and cost a number of fighters victories. In this case he could have cost Rothwell a victory even though many thought Velasquez was going to win anyways. Apparently Velasquez faces the winner of Lesnar-Carwin.

UFC 104 was good but not great because of outcomes. It will be interesting to see when the rematch takes place between Machida and Rua. When it does there will be fireworks.

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