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Yankees-Phillies in the World Series

The Fall Classic is now set and this year it is the Philadelphia Phillies, who are the defending World Champions taking the New York Yankees. This World Series is going to be one for the ages. Both teams have great pitching, great offense and great defense. In my opinion the two best teams are in the World Series this year. There are no flukes, no Cinderella stories and no lucky hot streaks this year. In my opinion this could be one of the greatest World Series ever. I think it will go all seven games with it being a very close game. I am not going to predict a winner except that the real winners are the baseball fans who end up watching the series.

The World Series starts Wednesday Night in Yankee Stadium because of the A.L. winning the All Star game. It should be interesting to see who the Phillies use as their DH. The pitching match up couldn’t be any better. It will be CC Sabathia vs. Cliff Lee in probably a pitchers duel that will stand the test of time. There will also be some other great pitchers in this series like AJ Burnett, Andy Pettitte, and Pedro Martinez. You also can’t forget about Mariano Rivera who is the greatest postseason pitcher that’s ever played. I am really going to enjoy this series. I just got a great feeling about this World Series. This is truly going to be a classic.

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