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Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight in Jeopardy

I’ve often said that pro wrestling is very political and underhanded. Well it’s almost like boxing can be the same way. On March 13th the biggest fight in history is suppose to take place. However because Pacquiao won’t commit to Olympic style blood testing the fight might not take place. Pacquiao and his people claim the Mayweather is harassing Pacquiao because they claim taking blood from Manny days before a fight would weaken him. Well wouldn’t it work both ways? Mayweather would be undergoing the same type of testing.

To make matters worst Mayweather and Golden Boy Productions are accusing Pacquiao of using PED’s and that’s the reason Pacquiao won’t undergo the Olympic style testing that Mayweather’s team wants both fighters to undergo. Now Pacquiao is going to sue Floyd Mayweather and his representatives for defamation of character because of the steroids accusations. However Pacquiao’s representatives aren’t being quiet. They are accusing Mayweather of trying everything to back out of this fight claiming he never wanted to fight Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao’s promoter is planning on reaching out to Paulie Malignaggi, a junior welterweight titlist just in case the Mayweather side doesn’t agree to terms. There will be a fight on March 13th but no one really knows who will be fighting who.

There has been a lot of talk of what to do about the drug testing. One suggestion was having John McCain monitor and mediate the drug testing but now they are trying to get the Nevada Athletic Commission to do it. Both sides stated that the fight can still happen but one side is going to have to budge. I am not a Mayweather fan but I think Pacquiao is making a bigger deal out of this then it has to be. However if Mayweather knew that Pacquiao was afraid of needles and blood testing because he felt it weakens him then Mayweather is more pathetic then I thought. If both men are serious about this fight and want to it happen then they need to park their egos and pride to the side and agree to terms. This fight will probably be the highest money making event in boxing history. Why would you jeopardize not making all that money? More importantly why would you jeopardize your sport? If this fight doesn’t happen, it will probably kill the boxing industry even further.

I’ve said it many times, that no one really cares or gets excited about boxing anymore. People are excited for this fight, and want it to happen. This fight is going to most viewers, the most attention and the most publicity out of any fight I can remember in recent memory. The question is now, who will put their ego to the side first, Manny or Floyd? Both of them need to stop playing games and finalize this fight. Stay tuned for more on this heated war of words.

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  1. To me, it's Pacquiao's argument that doesn't hold any weight. He's got a tattoo right on his chest – my a$$ he's scared of needles…. Floyd is right, Manny is on roids just like Tiger and A-rod. But who really cares, it's all entertainment and if the fans are willing to pay, the events will continue to take place. And what better way to promote an event than major controversy? Just like when Tiger comes back from his LOA, the PGA is going to have it's highest ratings ever…

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