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Brock Lesnar Returns This Summer

For all you people who really hate Brock Lesnar I got some some bad news and that’s he is coming back. He and Dana White announced on ESPN this morning. Lesnar has a really serious infection in his stomach and they didn’t think he’d fight again but he is healthy, recovered and ready to return. Even though he is returning the fight between Frank Mir and Shane Carwin is still going to be for the Interim Heavyweight Championship. If for some reason the fight between Mir and Carwin does not happen then the winner of Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira and Cain Velasquez will fight Lesnar in his return fight.

Brock has not been seen since UFC 100 when he destroyed Frank Mir and had a lot of people wondering if he would come back. Well he is coming back and he’s hungrier then he was before. Brock loves to fight and loves MMA and there is no doubt about that. I don’t think he’ll have any rust on him because he’s been training really hard and probably working on different aspects of his fighting. Make sure to check back on when Lesnar’s first fight will be and to find out who his opponent is. Lesnar’s career is far from over. He’s not the next big thing anymore. He’s simply the big thing going now and he will prove his dominance over the heavyweight division once he returns. Stay tuned for more on Brock Lesnar.

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  1. You mean Brock Landers? Didn't Marky Mark play that character in Boogie Nights? Ya, he did, cause I remember that Brock's sidekick was Chest Rockwell… Man, those dudes really whipped some A$$…I'm so happy they are coming back!!

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