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Ryan Howard’s New Contract

I couldn’t believe my eyes the other day, when I saw that the Phillies gave Ryan Howard a contract for five years worth 125 million dollars. That means he is making 25 million a year. Don’t get me wrong, Ryan Howard is a good player, but he’s not great. There are guys like Albert Pujols who should be making more then Howard.

I agree with the baseball experts, Howard is not even in the top five of the besy players in baseball right now. I would say that the top 5 are Pujols, Mauer, Miguel Cabrera, Ryan Braun and Carlos Pena. I also agree with the experts when they say because of Howard’s size he will not age well. His bat speed will get slower and his power will diminish. It happens, and it has happened to the best of them. I honestly don’t think he’s worth 25 million dollars a year.

What’s even scarier, people are saying that Albert Pujols is worth 50 million dollars a year. No one player, person or athlete is worth that much money. You could get 5-10 decent players for that kind of money. If Albert Pujols gets a 50 million a year contract, I will be shocked. As it is the Cardinals are paying Matt Holliday 16 million a year, and Chris Carpenter is making 15 million a year. They would have to get rid of both guys to pay Pujols that kind of money.

Ryan Howard’s new contract has set the bar for other players to demand more money. Like I said their are 5-10 players better then him so I’ll be curious to see if they get more money then Howard. The only other person making more money the Howard right now is Alex Rodriguez at 27 million dollars a year. Howard is no A-Rod so stay tuned to see how well this all works out.

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