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D-Generation X to be Inducted into the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame

Growing up as a teenager in the Attitude Era, there were so many compelling, outrageous and over the top characters in the WWE.  You had Stone Cold, The Rock, Mankind, and the faction known as DX. The faction DX was born out of friendship that was formed a few years earlier by Shawn Michael and Hunter Hearst Helmsley. DX quickly made their mark by being disruptive, anti-authority and anti-establishment. No one was safe with DX because the humiliated everyone and anyone in their path. HBK and HHH were a strong duo backed up by bodyguard Chyna and insurance policy Rick Rude. They made a formidable force in the WWE. In January 1998, Shawn Michaels suffered a career ending back injury which culminated at Wrestlemania 14, where that would be his last match in four years. The next night on Raw, Triple H declared himself as the leader of DX and brought in new members to fill the void HBK left. Those new members were X-Pac, who had just returned from WCW and the New Age Outlaws.

From 1998 to 2000, DX held every major title that the WWE offered. Chyna became the first women to enter the Royal Rumble and win the WWE Intercontinental Championship. She blazed a trail for the women of today to be able to incredible things within the company. Although, she left the company on bad terms and she left this earth way too soon, her impact will never be forgotten. X-Pac often doesn’t get the credit that he should. When he came in as the 1-2-3 Kid in 1993 he set the world on fire when he defeated Razor Ramon on Raw. He is the only person to be a part of DX and the first additions to the n.W.o. in 1996. He held the WWE Light Heavyweight Title, WWE European Title, WWE Cruiserweight Title, WCW Tag Team Title, WCW Cruiserweight Title and various other titles outside the two companies. Billy Gunn and Road Dogg also found a lot of success within the faction by becoming six time WWE Tag Team Champions. They each won the Intercontinental Championship and Hardcore Championship when they competed in singles within the faction. When it comes to DX, Shawn Michaels and Triple may have been the founding fathers, but the other four members definitely had Hall of Fame careers.

In 2006, the founding fathers of DX reunited again when the McMahons were feuding with both men. They reformed out of necessity and friendship, and for many months created some of the most memorable television in WWE history. On a weekly basis they would humiliate people such as the Spirit Squad, the McMahon’s, Johnathan Coachman, Big Show and many others. They were in great feud with Rated-RKO until Triple H’s untimely injury in January 2007. DX would tag off and on again until Shawn Michaels retired in 2010. They fortunately were able to win the WWE Tag Team Championships at TLC 2009 and accomplished the one they had never done together. DX had so many entertaining moments like mocking the Nation of Domination, the DX State of the Union, invading WCW and so many more things that made this faction so legendary. Whether their were two of them or five of them you never wanted to miss a DX segment or match for that matter. Congratulations to Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Chyna, X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn on their induction into the WWE Hall of Fame as D-Generation X. If you’re down with that, I got two words for ya!

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