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Detroit Pistons Fans Need to Get Over The Last Dance

During episodes three and four of The Last Dance, Michael Jordan and other members of the past Chicago Bulls did not hold back on how they felt about the “Bad Boy” Detroit Pistons team they faced in the late 80’s into the early 90’s. Michael Jordan made various remarks about Isiah Thomas and said that the Pistons were “undeserving” of their championships. A lot of these comments did not sit well with Detroit Pistons fans. I read the reactions on Twitter and even heard them on my local radio station. As a Detroit Pistons fan myself, I have no issue with what Jordan and the Bulls had to say because it was their reality and their truth.

Michael Jordan has never changed his opinions and views on the “Bad Boys,” so I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal now. Isiah Thomas on the other hand acted very remorseful in the documentary and in his media appearances the day after the episodes aired. Detroit Pistons legend Bill Lambeer doesn’t regret what he did and I can respect him for being honest and not wavering from his initial actions to his present day comments. You cannot be angry with Michael Jordan for feeling the way he does. After all the Detroit Pistons created the “Jordan Rules” and basically brutalized him for three years. Now some will say that it made Jordan tougher and it probably did, but in eyes he probably felt there was a difference between playing tough basketball and being dirty.

I personally feel that MJ didn’t hate the entire team. He only hated certain members of the team. If he hated the entire team, he wouldn’t have been teammates with Dennis Rodman. You also wouldn’t hear MJ praise Rodman as much as he does. I also don’t think John Salley and James Edwards would have been with Bulls either during the 95-96 season if Jordan hate the entire team. I think Jordan’s issues have always been and always will be with Isiah Thomas. Also, let’s face the facts and realize that neither one of them are exactly model citizens. Both Jordan and Thomas have their demons, but unfortunately Isiah’s are more publicized. Isiah Thomas was a great basketball player and their is no denying that, but he’s also been very wishy-washy at times about certain topics. Jordan has always had the same mentality and kept the same opinions on just about everything.

Pistons fans need to let it go and move on from The Last Dance. The Bad Boys had their story told in 2014 so it’s time to let MJ and the Bulls tell the story from their perspective. I’m sure more will come out about how MJ feels about certain teams and players. Again, it’s his story to tell and you can’t be angry at someone for sharing their perspective. I am certain as we move a long in this docu-series there is going to be more controversy, more reactions and a whole lot more to talk about. For now, Pistons fans need to calm down and celebrate what was accomplished. They did win two World Championships and even years later the 03-04 Pistons patterned themselves off the Bad Boys by playing tough defense. There is a lot for Pistons fans to celebrate, so let Jordan, the Bulls and their fans celebrate what they accomplished.

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