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Weekly Recap… Dusty, Hardy, and Summerslam

Raw thoughts:
It was good to see Matt Hardy to wrestle again and I loved his twist of fate on Snitsky even though Snitsky took it bad. It was also cool to see Angle lose in his hometown, and its going to be better when Hogan beats him next week.

Smackdown Thoughts:
Seeing Kamala was so hilarious, Kim-Chee took the RKO really good as well as Kamala did. The Eddie and Rey thing is so dumb, I don’t know why WWE tries to insult the fans intellegence. I thought the Peep Show Setup was awesome. It might be the best talk show yet. Haha.

I think its really awesome that Dusty Rhodes will be working for WWE again. I think he will bring a lot to WWE. Jimmy Jacobs, Huss, was on Velocity last against Nunzio, which was awesome seeing a local guy on TV. I am looking forward to wrestling this week, especially Summerslam next week. I am actually looking forward to the Edge/Matt Hardy match the most just to see if they shoot fight and kill each other. Who knows. Well see ya next week. Peace

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