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Remembering Eddie…

Remembering Eddie…

Sunday morning I woke up to the news that WWE wrestler EddieGuerrero passed away at the age of 38. Two days later I am still in shock but I want to tell people what Eddie Guerrero meant to me and wrestling. Eddie was truly an inspiration to many. He had been wrestling for almost 20 years. He came to be a superstar in the mid-90’s In 1999 is when his world started falling apart. He became adrug addict and alcoholic. He lost his job with WWE, he lost all ofhis money and he lost is family as well. Two and half years went byand Eddie Guerrero started to recover. He made his come back inearly 2002 and got everything back from his family to his job. In 2004, Eddie marked the comeback by winning the WWE Heavyweight title, which made him the first Mexican wrestler to ever hold a heavyweight title. After that they made a movie of Eddie and his life called “Cheating Death, Stealing Life.”
Eddie was an inspiration to me because he showed that anyone could make a comeback no matter how bad the circumstances. He was a born again Christian. Many wrestlers said that whenever they had a problem in their life they went to Eddie and he pulled out scripture from the Bible and help them. Fellow wrestler and Christian Shawn Michaels said that Eddie was the only who ever led the whole locker room in prayer, something that had never been done before.
It was hard for me to watch WWE Raw last night and it will be hard for me to watch WWE Smackdown this Friday. Eddie was truly a class act. He was funny in the ring and loving outside of it. As a wrestling fan, I am truly saddened by the lost of Eddie Guerrero. As a Christian, I am proud that Eddie shared the Bible with other wrestlers who desperately needed it. I pray that Eddies story will inspire to get help if needed, and help others in their time of need. Eduardo Gory Guerrero will always be my brother-in-Christ.

God Bless,
Joey Williamson

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Eddie vs. DDP, Halloween Havoc 1996 US title
Eddie vs. RVD, Backlash 2002 I-C title
Eddie vs. Rey, Summerslam 2005
Eddie/Rey vs. Bashams fot tag titles
Eddie vs. Malenko, Last ECW Match

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