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WWE McMahon DVD Review

Just who is Vincent Kennedy McMahon?

Well I just got done watching the new McMahon DVD that was released this morning and it was awesome. For those of you living in a cave out there, Vince McMahon is the owner of World Wrestling Entertainment. A multi-million dollar company. The DVD talks about his successes and it his failures. It talks about who he is on TV and who he is in real life (theirs actually a lot of similarities) If you never under professional wrestling you have to watch this DVD, because this is the man behind what you see on TV and how its ran.

I never understood Vince until now and I think it’s awesome he doesn’t back down from a fight. He strives on controversy. Hear from guys like Hulk Hogan, Edge, John Cena, Kurt Angle and his family on what they think of him and some of his decisions. I urge you to go buy this DVD, borrow it from a friend or borrow it from me. It’s an awesome DVD.

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