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A new era: More sports, more controversy

It’s hard to believe I have been running this blog for as long as I have. It started out as a political blog, then a full blown wrestling. But now I have decided to stick with wrestling but add sports to it. I don’t care if it’s baseball, basketball, football, bowling, darts, billards, tennis, Golf, etc. If something strikes me then I am going to write about it. Theres going to be more posts and more controversy then ever…

So how about the Detroit Tigers. They destroyed the Yankees, and are now on their way to a World Series berth. I think its just simply awesome. Detroit is so phenomenal this year and I honestly don’t think they have peaked yet. I think next year they will peak and win it all next year. They’ll get rid of a few loose ends and be good to go. I can’t wait for this weekend to watch them.

Well I hope you all will tune in daily because I am going to try to update this thing daily. Have a good one, and God Bless.

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