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Wrestling on the rise again?

Over the last 2 or 3 weeks I’ve noticed changes in both wrestling promotions. TNA is starting to have controversial storylines like the LAX anti-america angle. The Abyss-Sting title situation. I also enjoyed seeing Tyson Tomko come to TNA to help Christian. TNA is using what WWE did to their advantage.

Now to the WWE positives. The tag team division is looking like it might be in greatness again. The Hardys are back. MNM is back (for one time only supposedly). I have also heard that La Resistance is making a comeback to WWE. Then you obviously have DX, Cade/Murdoch, Cryme Tyme and others. Also the Blue Bloods (Regal/Taylor) are back as well. The tag division is being filled with old faces and new up and coming tag teams. It’s fun to watch.

I read a report the other the day that Raw is looking to go to a 90’s type style show where “anything can happen,” like it was in the attitude era. It’s suppose to be controversial, humorous, and edgy. A prime example of this was the angle involving Cryme Tyme last night. They made something that was so stupid, and pretty much put it into perspective of how stupid it really was. Thats why wrestling is so great because it puts stupid politcal and societal things into perspective. Then the report started that Smackdown was going to be an 80’s style show with longer fueds, more wrestling/less entertainment, etc. I think this could bring a lot of fans back who stopped watching because of the so called “inappropiate” things on tv.

On to the things that need improvement. TNA is starting to become competition. With the addition of Kurt Angle, it really set the bar high. I am glad Jeff Jarrett is out the picture for now. It was a smart buisness move. I believe TNA needs to go to two hours, and build their roster up more. I also think the WWE bashing needs to stop because it turns people off, myself included. They need to think about holding TNA Impact at different facilities each week to cater to other markets. TNA is in good shape right now, and theres been talk that more WWE guys are going to jump. Only time will tell.

Now the big dogs, WWE. First and foremost, get rid of ECW. The legacy is being destroyed. Take the best talent like CM Punk, Test, RVD, Tommy Dreamer, etc. and split them up and put them on Raw or Smackdown. Get rid of the following guys to make room:
Val Venis
Mark Henry (injury plagued)
Jimmy Yang Wang

And whats with London/Kendrick never defending the Tag titles? It seems like they havent been on TV in months. I also think the Cruiserweight Division needs a lot of work. The X Division is making you guys look like nothing. With all due respect to Gregory Helms, there is no competition for that title anywhere. Also I would like to see the Hardcore title comeback that way WWE could keep guys like Sabu, Sandman and others who are in the Hardcore style. WWE is getting to better to watch again.

I think wrestling is on the rise and I think next year will be the hottest year for wrestling since the Monday Night Wars. TNA stars will jump to WWE. WWE stars will jump to TNA. Let the frenzy begin. I truely believe 2007 will be a great year in wrestling. Any thoughts, questions, or opinions. Would love to hear them. Take care and God Bless

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