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Daytona 500, NBA All Star weekend, DX, Mr. Perfect, Training for City Tournaments and more.

What a last few weeks in sports. I’d like to start of by saying that the Daytona 500 was more interesting then ever this year. There were six cheaters and none of them did very good in the race…Go figure. The shootout between Kevin Harvick and Mark Martin was a classic. Probably the best finish ever to a race. It was exciting to watch.

NBA All Star weekend also provided some great entertainment. The West killed the East in a game that was sloppy, full of dunks and one sided. I enjoyed the Slam Dunk Contest with Gerald Green, Dwight Howard, and Nate Roberston. They all had great dunks. Tyrus Thomas from the Bulls didn’t impress me at all. Also Jason Kapono from the Heat stole the show in the 3-point shootout. He had 19 the first round and 24 in the second. Impressive stuff. Glad to see Detroit win the shooting stars challange with a bit of controversy. It was fun to watch.

I bought the new New and Improved DX DVD this week and it is great. to read my full review go to I am writing for them now, and have my own column and my forum where fans can talk to me. It’s really cool. It’s going to be a huge deal for me this year.

I was also happier then hell that Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig is going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He was one of the all time greats in pro wrestling and a probably my favorite bad guy of the 80’s and 90’s. Now the WWE Hall of Fame is absolutely Perfect.

Grand Rapids City Tournaments are coming up on March 17th and April 7th. I have been working really hard and I found a new way to train for it…The Nintendo Wii. Yes thats right, the Wii. I played bowling on it for 2 hours at a friends house Wednesday and its so interactive you’re doing the motions and everything. The only difference between that and really bowling is you don’t have a bowling ball in hand. It’s awesome though and I plan on getting on eventually. Good stuff.

I also started up a video site for Noah Lott that has 10 of his matches on there. It’s a must see for any wrestling fan. Check it out at

Well thats all from me. Have a great week and I promise to update more. Peace and God Bless. Have a good one.

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