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A-Rod, Bonds, NBA Playoffs, and more

What a last week and a half it has been. A lot of things going on in the sports world. Lets start with Alex Rodreguiz. What a great start to the year for him. Fourteen homeruns in the month April and we still have four days left. I am glad he’s doing so well and I hope he breaks the single season homerun record that Barry Bonds holds. A Yankee deserves that record…Ruth had it first and then along came Maris…..then along came A-Rod

Speaking of Bonds, hey is now 15 homers away from breaking the all time home run record set by Hank Aaron. Ive never been a fan of the smart mouth, annoying and egotistical slugger but he’s the best hitter that this generation has seen. I’ll always have respect for guys like Ruth and Aaron who didn’t need enhancers to hit homeruns. You have a legacy Barry but its certainly a controversial one.

The NBA playoffs have started and some of the top teams aren’t looking that great. The Spurs and the Mavericks come to mind. Mark Cuban was seen throwing a tanterum after the Mavericks lost the other night against Golden State. Remember Mark Cuban you are no legend, because the Legend Killer Randy Orton kicked your ass a few years back in your own arena…RKO baby. Speaking of the Spurs, how about Tim Duncan and Joey Crawford with their drama a few weeks ago. It’s about time a sports official had a price to pay for their bad calls and their actions. Good stuff

Some controversy has been brewing around NASCAR. Tony Stewart is saying that racing is staged like wrestling. Tony sitdown and shut up and stop whining. Because you’re not winning like usual you find away to come up with same lame excuse. Tony if it was staged you’d be winning all the time because you’re the biggest heel in NASCAR and the heels always find a way to win…haha. Eat shit and retire you Italian meatball. I also thought it was cool that Dale Jr. drove Kyle Bush’s car when Bush ran off. I think he sent a messege to his wicked witch stepmom that if she didn’t sale him the majority of the team he would leave. Good thinking Dale. I would have done the same thing.

WWE Backlash is the Sunday. So predictable its not even funny.
WWE Champion John Cena vs. Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels (Fatal Four Way Match)
ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley vs. Mr. McMahon, Shane McMahon & Umaga (3-on-1 Handicap Match)
World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker vs. Batista (Last Man Standing Match)
World Tag Team Champions The Hardys vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. MVP
Women’s Champion Melina vs. Mickie James

Lets see Cena will win because he lost in a great match Monday that Shawn Michaels can take credit for. Lashley will obviously overcome the McMahons and Umaga because they have build Lashley up to be unstoppable. Hardys will win because they have been jobbing to Cade/Murdoch to make it look like a decent feud. Womens title match bores me so who cares. Benoit will lose the U.S. title because he’s headed to Raw and possibly part of a horsemen reunion. So thats that. So predictable after all. TNA is better in my eyes right now. Time will tell if they can compete on WWE’s level.

Well I am out. Probably be back on Monday. Peace and God Bless

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