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Dale Jr., De La Hoya/Mayweather, Edge, Baseball, NBA Playoffs and More.

What a tragic day in NASCAR today. Dale Jr. is leaving DEI at the end of 2007. Not a good day. I think it’s absolutely terrible that Dale Jr. is leaving and his step-mom runs the show. Not cool. Dale Sr. built that team for him and Kerry. Bunch of crap. I hope he goes to RCR and dawns the number 3 once again. What a travesty.

So I watched the De La Hoya/Mayweather fight this past Saturday and I can’t believe that Mayweather would stoop so low and mock De La Hoyas heritage. The judges gave Mayweather that fight and anyone who knows boxing would probably would agree with me. Oscar was pressing the fight the whole entire time while Pretty Boy Floyd was running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Horrible judging. It didn’t help Oscars cause that two of the judges previously had judged Mayweathers fights. Now Mayweather wants to retire. I would love to see Mayweather be put in to the UFC and have some sense beat out of him by The Iceman Chuck Liddell. Maybe that would shut Pretty Boy Floyds mouth. You ever the guy talk. It sounds like he hasn’t hit puberity yet. Haha

This Friday on Smackdown you will see Edge become the new World Heavyweight Champion. With Kennedy, Undertaker being injured and Batista being a crappy wrestler it was only fitting that Edge become the World Heavweight Champion. Congrats Edge. I look foward to seeing your title victory on TV this week.

The first month of baseball is in the books and the biggest surprise….The Milwalkee Brewers. They have the best record in Baseball right now but in the American League you have the Indians and Tigers dominating everyone else. We might see a preview of the World Series in June. The Tigers take on the Brewers in a 3-game series in the Brewery. Should be good. The Cardinals are having their woes and the Yankees signed Clemens. What else is going to happen. Who knows?

The NBA Playoffs are in round 2. The Mavericks, and Heat who were in the finals last year are both gone thanks to the Golden State Warriors(where the hell did they come from) and the Chicago Bulls(haven’t done squat since Jordan left). The playoffs are really good this year. Pistons are up on Chicago right now. Spurs and Suns have a great series going. I think its going to be the Utah Jazz and the Detroit Pistons in the finals with the Pistons winning in five.

The NFL Draft has come and gone. Detroit picked up Calvin Johnson and MSU QB Drew Stanton(what a winner he is going to be). Detroit should have picked Offensive Linemen to protect their damn QB so they could have a shot at winning some games. The most suprising thing to me is that Chris Leak wasn’t even drafted and Troy Smith didn’t go until the 5th round. What an insult to the two QB’s who were in the Championship game. Should be an interesting football year.

Well thats all from me. Peace and God Bless

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