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Detroit Sports, POG Double Impact, and more

Well not much of anything has changed in 3 weeks but Detroit seems to be falling on their butts. Tigers aren’t doing so hot and neither are the Pistons. What is up with that crap? The Tigers need to trade somebody and the Pistons just need to be more aggressive. I mean I know the Lions are bad but there is no reason why the Tigers, Red Wings and Pistons shouldn’t be winning championships. I am pissed off and frustrated with the Tigers right now. They need pitching!!!! Good grief

Last Sunday I went to my first Indy wrestling show in about a year. It was POG’s Double Impact. It was a good show. I enjoyed seeing the Old Timer Jeff King, Josh Abercrombie, Steve Amani and of course my good friend Noah Lott. I bought the POG Unrated DVD for one reason and that is because of the NO D’Q match between Noah Lott and $Dollar$ match. Brutal is the word. The great thing is, is that feud isn’t quite over yet. Next Sunday I am going back down to Coldwater for POG Faded Glory 2, their 3rd year anniversary show. For more info go to It’s going to be a great show. I hope people in the area go and see this show because POG definitely has it going for them.

Well Kobe Bryant is creating more drama then what were use to. He first says he wants to be traded then doesn’t. Make up you fricken mind and make it up quick. Also I am so sick of hearing Lebron being compared to Michael Jordan. Theres only one MJ and no one can replace, certainly not Queen James the crybaby and the most overrated player in the game.

Well too bad the Duke Lacrosse team didn’t get their dream ending to their season. What a great comeback. It sucks that mindless and stupid people have to take advantage of peoples fame and fortune. It’s ridiculous. Hopefully people will learn from this.

Well thats all from me now. Have a good weekend. Hopefully by the next time I update the Pistons will be in the Finals and the Tigers will be winning again. Peace and God Bless

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