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Media Coverage of Benoit Tragedy is Hurting Wrestling

You know ever since the June 26 the media has gotten way too involved in the Chris Benoit case. People like Nancy Grace who know nothing about the wrestling business need to keep their mouth shut. I can name you every wrestler that’s been on TV since this has happened: Chris Jericho, John Cena, Superstar Billy Graham, Ted Dibiase, Bret Hart, Marc Mero, Steve Blackman, Debra Williams (who has no business in wrestling to begin with), Konnan and countless others. Even WWE’s Attorneys have been on TV.

Wake up people not all wrestlers are on steroids. My best friend is a pro wrestler and he is not on steroids. Wrestlers are not bad people. They do a lot of charities for people, and hell they risk their lives and go to Iraq for our troops. You know what else…WWE was the first entertainment event that happened after 9/11. You can’t blame the WWE for this, you cant blame Vince McMahon. Did Vince McMahon and WWE tell Chris to kill his family and then himself. Hell No!!! So people like Nancy Grace, the idiots at CNN and FOXNEWS who know nothing about wrestling shut shove it up their ass, because I am tired of hearing about how it steroids this and steroids that. Its ridiculous. How do we know it wasn’t a mob hit? Dino Bravo was killed by the mob years ago. Why isn’t Kevin Sullivan being interrogated? He is Nancy’s ex-husband, and it is known that him and Chris hated each other during their time in WCW. So why isn’t any of this being brought up? Because the media is stupid and only knows how to focus of one issue

I honestly hope when then toxicology reports comeback that steroids were not a factor, then I am going to laugh at the media and how stupid they were to jump to conclusions. I’ve said my peace. I am sick and tired of listening to it all. Hulk Hogan is on Larry King Live this week. I’ll be interested in what he says about it. Until next time, God Bless, and to all you wrestlers, keep up the great work and keep the business alive

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