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Ricky Landell vs. Noah Lott: A dream match comes true

On September 28th, the AWA will change forever. Two of their most popular stars will collide for the first time in history. “The Trademark of Excellence” Ricky Landell will put his ZERO1-MAX US Title on the line against “The Definition of Greatness” Noah Lott. These two have a lot to prove and a lot of respect for the business. Just look at their roots for minute

Ricky Landell was trained by the likes of former ECW Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino. Corino has taught Landell everything about pro wrestling and because of that Landell has gone up against some of top names in business. Some of the names include Kip James, B.G. James, Buff Bagwell, Steve Corino, CW Anderson and many others. Landell has held the AWA Tag team title, the World-1 Heavyweight Title. A belt that was form from Corino’s own promotion, and now the ZERO-1 MAX US Title. Ricky Landell is the future of the business.

Lets not forget about Noah Lott, who was trained by former NWA Heavyweight Champion and UFC Hall of Famer Dan the Beast Severn. Lott has learned a lot of different ways to break an opponent much like his mentor has done in the past. Noah Lott has gone up against some of top rising stars in this business, Josh Abercrombie, N8 Mattson, Kirby Mack, T.J. Mack, and many others. He is teamed with Steve Corino, and the legendary Cuban Assassin. Noah Lott has held the AWA Apex Shooting Star title, as well as the POG Chaotic title, and the POG Tag titles on two occasions. Price of Glory is a promotion that Dan Severn founded.

I believe that Ricky Landell and Noah Lott will give the people in Ontario, Canada a match to remember on Sept. 28th. This match could be the match that defines the AWA and what the AWA is all about. I have been following the AWA since it held its Light Heavyweight title tournament in 2005, and all I can say is that there is so much talent in that organization its ridiculous. However having two of its top stars go at it for much more then just a title will be something to remember. On September 28th Excellence meets Greatness in a match for the Ages.

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