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Waylands Noah Lott hits the big time

After three grueling days on the road wrestling in Shawano, Wisconsin and Coldwater Michigan, Adam Johnson came home Monday to get ready to go to WWE Monday Night Raw. Little did Adam Johnson know that Noah Lott would be needed. Noah Lott arrived at Van Andel Arena at 5:30pm. He called Vice President of talent relations John Laurinaitis and John talk to Noah Lott about being on the show. “I had heard they were already full and didn’t need anyone,” explained Noah Lott.

Laurinaitis met Noah outside and told him to get his gear and hop over the fence. Noah had little time to prepare for his first match in the WWE. The action started at 8pm with a taping for WWE Heat which airs on WWE.COM every Friday. Noah Lotts match was the first match of the night. The crowed cheered for him when they announcer said he was from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He fought against Jacob Duncan from Louisville, Kentucky. The match lasted about seven minutes and Noah Lott was defeated by Duncan. Noah Lott got a great ovation from the fans.

After his match Noah Lott met with talent coordinator and WWE Legend Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat to discuss his match. Steamboat listed off many things that Noah Lott did during his match. Steamboat also told him that he had a future in the wrestling business if he kept up his drive and work ethic. The last five years was a huge payoff for one night.

There was also three other guys who wrestled on the show from Michigan and they Nate Mattson, Gutter and Conrad Kennedy III. Noah Lott has wreslted against both Nate Mattson and Gutter within the last year. All four of these men deserved to be on the show Monday. Maybe there should be a fatal way match between the four to see who is the best.

Noah Lott has been wrestling for five years now. He started when he was a junior at Wayland High School. He was trained by Dan “the beast” Severn, a UFC Hall of Famer and former WWE Superstar in his own right. Noah Lott has has held over 10 titles in his short career including titles in Canada, Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virgina. Of course he has held titles in Michigan.

Noah Lott has also wrestled 400 matches in his career and has wrestled against and with many well known names like Steve Corino, The Honky Tonk Man, Dan Severn, “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, and many more.

One of Noah Lotts favorite sayings is, “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” If that statement is true, Noah Lott will be remembered by Grand Rapids fans for a long time. WWE has not seen the last of Noah Lott and neither has the fans.

To see if Noah Lotts match made it on WWE Heat go to and for more info on Noah Lott go to

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