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WWE Survivor Series Report

WWE Survivor Series Report

Tonight was the 21st annual edition of Survivor Series and it was a overall good pay-per-view. The first match started of with a bang. The first match was the Triple Threat Match for the ECW title and believe me, this match put pressure on everyone else that wrestled on the card. I honestly thought that all three men put on a show. My man CM Punk retains but not without a great effort from Morrison and the Miz. Great match up.

The next was the 10 Diva tag, which I could careless about. 90 percent of the Divas cant wrestle anyhow. The Women’s Division should only be compromised of Beth Phoenix, Candice Michelle, Victoria, Melina and Mickie James. I wish they would bring back Trish, Lita and Chyna. But anyways my feeling is that Divas shouldn’t be allowed to wrestle until they have gone through like 6-months of hard training and know what they are doing. Oh by the way, Melina you screwed up…If you watched the show you know what I am talking about.

Next up was Cody Rhodes/Hardcore Holly vs. Cade/Murdoch. My problem with this match is that Rhodes/Holly is not a legitimate tag team. Since this is Survivor Series I would have loved to see A 4 Team match for the titles with the other three being Worlds Greatest Tag Team, Highlanders and London/Kendrick. That would have been good. Not a bad performance by the challengers though.

Next up was the 5-on-5 traditional Survivor Series match with wound up being 5-on-4 due to Matt Hardy’s “injury.” A good bout overall loved the backstage interview with Triple H’s team and how Kane brought the Katie Vick thing up and how Jeff Hardy remembered the hospital beating HHH gave him. I was so glad to see Triple H and Hardy survive. Both guys are on top of their games right now and wouldn’t be surprised if both of them are in WWE Title hunt soon again.

Next up a match that wasn’t even a match. Hornswoggle vs. Khali. Very funny with the McMahon’s at ringside. Good stuff. I was surprised to see Finlay turn face or at least think that’s what happen. Got a good ovation for it. Hornswoggle gets bailed out again. Ha-ha.

Shawn Michaels probably offended some Canadian fans tonight with his use of the sharpshooter and the crippler crossface. Now I thought was a little distasteful. I am sure he also pissed off some TNA fans with his use of the ankle lock. You know what though, that’s controversy and that’s what makes wrestling so freaking awesome. It added to the match and the storyline of the match. Orton and Michaels just had one of the best matches in their lives and they have had a lot of good ones. Glad to see Orton get the clean win. Orton wins again

The main event was Taker and Batista. Brutal is the word to describe this match. Those two have such a great chemistry together it’s not even funny. Then to see Edge return was great in itself. Awesome stuff. The match was bloody, brutal and downright nasty. At the end JBL was pissed at Edge it seemed for interfering in the match. So here are my predictions for the next Pay-per-view, Armageddon.

WWE Title Match-Elimination Chamber-
Orton vs. HHH vs. HBK vs. Kennedy vs. Umaga vs. Y2J

World Title Match-
Batista vs. Edge vs. Undertaker vs. JBL

Finlay vs. Great Khali

US Title Match-
MVP vs. Rey Mysterio

WWE tag title match-
Miz/Morrison vs. Major Brothers

World Tag title match-
Cade/Murdoch vs. Holly/Rhodes

ECW Title Match-
CM Punk vs. Jamie Noble

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