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WWE Raw 15 Anniversary Recap

Last night was the Raw 15th Anniversary show. There was so many wonderful moments. I was never more excited then I was last night to watch wrestling on Monday Night.

I enjoyed the Evolution reunion taking on Rated-RKO and Umaga. That should have been the Main Event. Evolution was dominant as always.

I loved how Triple H incorporated himself in the show with the McMahons, Evolution and DX. He pretty much covered every aspect of his career in a three hour show. Good stuff.

The Battle Royal was absolutely hilarious. Talk about the misfits of WWE past. It was funny. I loved how they had Ted Dibiase come out and buy his victory from long time tag partner I.R.S.

My favorite moment was when Hulk Hogan came out and saved the Hornswoggle the Leperchaun from the Great Khali. Hulkamania returns and I have a feeling he will be wrestling at Wrestlemania 24 this next year. Also he will be hosting American Gladiators starting Jan. 6th on NBC. Sweetness.

I was shocked to Rob Van Dam there last night. It was cool. Mr. Monday Night shocked all. I was surprised Sid Vicious wasn’t there. Maybe they are saving his return for a later date. Who knows.

The very end was awesome. Mick Foley as Mankind, The Undetaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin came out and beat up Vince. Good stuff. Then all the Raw stars from the last 15 years came out and had a beer bash. It was a good moment.

The excitement is over but the buzz is still in the air. I enjoyed the 3 hour special last night. I really enjoyed it as a fan. I hope they keep some of the legends around who can still wrestle. Thanks WWE Raw for 15 years. I hope you run for another 15.

Be safe everyone. Winter is here. Happy Holidays.

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