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Backlash, NFL Draft, Granderson

Last night at Backlash two new champions were crowned. It was awesome. All the matches were good. I can’t say that there was one bad match. It was great to see Matt Hardy finally get what he deserves. It is been a long time coming fo him. The Shawn Michaels and Batista match was awesome even though Shawn may have injured himself. Glad Jericho didn’t screw anyone over. The match of the night for me was the Fatal-Four Way match and yes finally my favorite guy or atleast one of my fab-five won the WWE Title…Triple H is now a 12 time WWE Champion. Hell Yes, Raw is going to be good tonight. Cannot wait

So the NFL Draft has come and gone. I want to focus on two things. who Carolina drafted and who was drafter from U of M. So here is what Carolina did in the draft:

-Round 1, Pick 13 (13) Jonathan Stewart RB 5’11” 235 Oregon
-Round 1, Pick 19 (19) (From Eagles) Jeff Otah OT 6’6″ 340 Pittsburgh
-Round 3, Pick 4 (67) (From Jets) Charles Godfrey CB 6’0″ 207 Iowa
-Round 3, Pick 11 (74) Dan Connor OLB 6’3″ 233 Penn State
-Round 5, Pick 6 (141) (From Jets) Gary Barnidge TE 6’6″ 243 Louisville
-Round 6, Pick 15 (181) Nick Hayden DT 6’4″ 291 Wisconsin
-Round 7, Pick 14 (221) Hilee Taylor OLB 6’3″ 242 North Carolina
-Round 7, Pick 34 (241) (Compensatory selection) Geoff Schwartz OL 6’7″ 335 Oregon
-Round 7, Pick 43 (250) (Compensatory selection) Mackenzy Bernadeau OG 6’4″ 298

I would say that Carolina did a fantastic job rebuilding the Offensive Line and Defensive Line. If healthy again, Carolina will be a threat once again next year. Hopefully Jake Dehllehome can get it together. Now here is who got drafted from Michigan:

-Arrington, Adrian WR 6’3″ 203 Michigan Pick 30, Round 7(237) New Orleans Saints
-Crable, Shawn OLB 6’5″ 241 Michigan Pick 15, Round 3(78) New England Patriots
-Hart, Mike RB 5’9″ 195 Michigan Pick 36, Round 6(202) Indianapolis Colts
-Henne, Chad QB 6’2″ 225 Michigan Pick 26, Round 2(57) Miami Dolphins
-Long, Jake OT 6’7″ 315 Michigan Pick 1, Round 1(1) Miami Dolphins
-Manningham, Mario WR 6’0″ 181 Michigan Pick 32, Round 3(95) New York Giants

Well atleast four out of the six are going to decent teams…However Jake Long and Chad Henne will help Miami be better. I am looking foward to seeing how everyone does this year. It should be good.

Last week Curtis Granderson came back from the DL. He has made a huge impact since his return. I am happy to see Curtis back in the Lineup. Hopefully the Tigers can click on all cylinders.

Well ladies and gents thanks for reading, catch me later this week. Peace and God Bless

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