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Bowling, Tigers, Raw and More

The next two Satrdays I bowl in the Grand Rapids City Tournament. This Saturday I bowl at Northfield Lanes at 1pm and next Saturday at Lowell Lanes at 11:30am. It’s my favorite time of the year. Last year I won money so my expectations are really high going into this weekend. I am going to remain focus and calm but am excited at the same time.

So my Tigers have dropped the first two damn games of the season which is ridiculious considering the amount of talent they got. However, in baseball it comes down to one thing…pitching!!! The Tigers are going to be in for a long season if they don’t get it together. I am hoping they get it together soon. It will be interesting to see if they win a game this week.

This past Monday, Raw was very emotional as Ric Flair gave his farewell speech and it brought back a lot of memories. The Horsemen came back, as well as other legends and current superstars from all three brands. Here is a raw clip of what happened off the air. It was truly awesome…Woooo!!

The last thing I want to say is I am really happy to see Dale Jr. doing so well this year. Ironic he’s doing well and his teammates are struggling. Only time will tell if Hendrick Motorsports can get it together.

Until Saturday have a good rest of the week. God Bless

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