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Two weeks worth of stuff

I apologize for not updating. My Grandmother passed away this past week and just haven’t had time to update. But lets rewind a little. The All Star Game was a couple of weeks ago. It was awesome. It went like 13 innings and Michael Young won the game again, but Carlos Guillen had a nice shot that almost won it. It was probably the best All-Star Game to date that I have seen.

Next on the agenda, is Brett Farve. He is a great Quarterback but in my opinion he needs to stay retired. Look how Michael Jordan destroyed his legacy when he came back to the Wizards. If Brett comes back he needs go back to a team that is going to be a championship contender. How about this for a storyline….Brett Farve vs. The Packers in the Super Bowl. That would draw the ratings for sure. Never say never.

So MLB trade deadline is a few days away and I’ll be curious to see what the Tigers do about their relief pitching. Here is the guys I would get rid of:
Todd Jones
Fernando Rodney
Ivan Rodriguiz
Edgar Renteria

Call me crazy but I would love to see Guillen at Short and Inge at 3rd again. Pudge is getting old and sucks now. The Youngers guy like Thomas, Larish and Joyce deserve to be up there full time. Bring Clevelan and Raburn back while you’re at it. If the Tigers don’t deal by Thursday I will not watch them the rest of the year.

On that note, I am calling it a day. Peace and God Bless

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