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UFC: Griffen vs. Jackson recap

This past Saturday, Forrest Griffen challanged Quinten “Rampage” Jackson for the UFC Light-Heavyweight Title. Everyone said it would be the toughest challange for Griffen but I said the it would be the toughest challange for Jackson yet to date. Ive loved Forrest ever since he was on the Ultimate Fighter. He had the greatest match ever with Stephan Bonner which seemed like a long time ago. Anyways, the match was dominated by Forrest the whole time. Rampage nailed a few good shots in but it wasn’t enough to stop Forrest. Anyways it was a great fight. All the fights on the show were good. First UFC PPV I’ve actually watched live and it was well worth it. Well thats all from me right now but I’ll be back later this week. Have a good one. God Bless

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