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A BCS Resolution That Would Make Everyone Happy

Last night the Florida Gators won the National Championship beating Oklahoma in a very low scoring game as to what people thought it would be. This year there were some teams who had legitimate cases like the Texas, Texas Tech and Alabama. They all had great season. However there is one team who the strongest case and that is Utah. Utah is the only team to go undefeated this year. I could understand where they have gotten robbed. And unfortunately throughout the years other teams have probably felt the same way, so there is only one way to go about out this. The National Championship should be dealt with the same 99 percent of other sports are dealt with and that’s have a playoffs. People want to know how many teams?,and What about the Bowl Games and their sponsors? Well all that could be resolved with the solution I came up with.

The first thing that needs to be done is all teams in Division play the same amount of games no matter what conference you are in. The amount of games should be 12. No more or no less. The season should start a week earlier. At the end of the season who ever the top sixteen teams are should be in the playoffs to determine who goes and plays for the National Championship.

The highest ranked team shall play the lowest ranked team and so forth. The eight teams who lose in the first round shall play in the Sun Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Gator Bowl, Chick-fil-A Bowl, Outback Bowl, Alamo Bowl, Champs Sports Bowl and Holiday Bowl. Teams will play each other based on a random drawing or selection. I based the bowls on who had the biggest payouts in each bowl.

The four teams who lose in the second round shall play in the Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, and Capital One Bowl. Teams will play each other based on a random drawing or selection to make things more intriguing. Again I also based it on the highest paid payouts of the bowls.

The two teams who lose in the semifinals play in the Rose Bowl. Then obviously you have the two teams who make it all the way to the National Championship. I believe it is a very great way to resolve it. It gives teams that maybe who are considered major underdogs a chance to make a name for their college that doesn’t get much publicity. It also keeps the bowl games intact and the sponserships still there. It will also help player prepare players for the NFL by playing different teams in the playoffs and having a little longer of a season. Most people in the BCS committee have no plans of changing the system now but if they do this would be the best way to go about it, because it keeps everyone happy and satisfied. And most importantly it’s fair.

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  1. Here’s my solution:

    1. Keep all of the current bowl games intact.
    2. Have an 6 team playoff based on end of the year polls rotating each year between the Sugar, Fiesta, Rose, Orange Bowls and the National Championship Bowl.
    3. Remainder of the Bowl games stay exactally the same.

    So here’s the set-up for 2010…

    #3 seed plays #6 seed in the Sugar Bowl.

    #4 seed plays #5 seed in the Rose Bowl.

    The winners of these games play the #1 and #2 seeds in the Fiesta and Orange Bowls the next week.

    The winners of those games play eachother in the National Championship Game a week later.

    So, you keep every bowl game the same as it was and rotate the 5 bowl playoff games each year, so that TV contracts and revenue are not disrupted. So if the Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl are first round games in 2010, we will rotate these into the second round games the following year. We could also rotate the sites that these games are played at.

    We could even base the ranknings on current BCS philosophy if it makes them happy. The bottom line would be a system that used BCS rankings, kept the current bowl system intact and would produce an undisputed national champion. I even think that those bowl playoff games would be more of a revenue draw than the current system.

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