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Kyle Busch Races His Way Into History

In all the years of NASCAR there have been a lot of performances that have put us in awe. Here are some of those records I am talking about:

Most championships: 7-(tied) Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt
Most consecutive championships: 3-(tied) Cale Yarborough, Jimmie Johnson
Most career wins: 200-Richard Petty
Most wins in a season: 27-Richard Petty
Most wins in a modern era season: 13-(tied) Jeff Gordon and Richard Petty

All those guys have done some great things but one man did something yesterday that none of these men have ever done. Kyle Busch won the Truck Series race and the Nationwide Series race yesterday and in between races he had final practice for the Sprint Cup Series race today. I must say even though I am not a fan of his, I am impressed. I don’t like Kyle Busch’s attitude, I don’t like how drives dirty sometimes but at the same time I respect the fact he will do what he has to do to win. If he wins the Spring Cup race today, he will make even more history by sweeping a weekend in all three series. Kyle Busch you have made your way into the record books and even gained some respect from people that didn’t like you before. But before everyone makes you. out to be a great driver and give your props, remember this. You are no Dale Earnhardt or Richard Petty and no one will ever come close to being what they were. So with that being said, congratulations Kyle and keep being Kyle because that’s all you need to be.

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