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Hardy vs. Hardy at Wrestlemania 25

All I got to say is finally, and about time. For the first time ever on a big stage Matt Hardy will take on his younger brother Jeff Hardy. They have fought a few times before but nothing that was worth remembering. The Hardy boys have now come full circle. They been tag team champions, heavyweight champions, and are both two of the most recognizable names in pro wrestling.

It’s kind of ironic though, because only one time in history have two brothers have ever fought at a Wrestlemania. The last time was at another monumental Wrestlemania which was Wrestlemania 10. The two brothers were Bret Hart taking on his younger brother Owen Hart. The match which was the opening match of the show was one of the best matches of the night. I think Matt and Jeff will try and create the same feeling that Bret and Owen had fifteen years ago.

For me as a wrestling fan, I can’t root for anyone in this match because I enjoy watching them both. It’s going to be a fun match to watch because they are both special athletes in their own right. Wrestlemania 25 just keeps getting bigger and bigger. This match definitely adds a lot of value to the card. I think this will be the night that Hardy’s prove why they should be the future and the face of the WWE. I for one cannot wait for it.

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